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Spotlight On… Some Unexpected Treasure

January 5, 2014


Puritans.  Thanks to a lot of media bashing combined with very few accurate and unbiased historical teachers the Puritans are usually seen as fanatical legalists who focused on a lengthy lists of what you aren’t allowed to do.  Strict, miserable nut cases is how most people have been taught to view them.  Just the fact […]

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William understands… Do You?

April 9, 2011


William Gurnall on Scripture vs. man’s reason: “Who but God could tell us who and what His nature is?  Natural reason has found that there is a God, and His power is taught in the school of nature.  But how do uneducated men learn the true knowledge of God when, profound philosophers continually grope like […]

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What makes YOU happy?

March 14, 2010

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Is Christ’s Gospel full of abundant life or not?  Then do not go into debt with the world to soak up its’ carnal benefits; you need never leave God’s house to be made glad.  He has such a supply of joy that you could not possibly spend it all.  Abraham would not take as much […]

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True Fellowship with God

January 26, 2010


Communion with God is so wonderful that many pretend to have it when they do not even know what it is.  It is like the man who brags about knowing the King but never has seen his face nor met him.  God’s Spirit calls it a lie when a man says he knows the Lord […]

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