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Don’t Ask Jesus into Your Heart?

October 28, 2013


Short but interesting video of a teaching by David Platt: If you have never given any serious thought to the teaching that salvation comes from “asking Jesus into your heart”, do you think maybe you should?  Is there anything more important than salvation?  Click HERE…

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Ths Gospel Message isn’t Rocket Surgery

September 17, 2013


I thought that this video was a good reminder that the Gospel is a very simple message, and one that can be delivered in less than 2 minutes.  I think it takes Mr. Washer about  1 minute 30 seconds to get through it.  If you have built up in your mind that evangelism, the delivering […]

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What Does the Word “Repent” Really Mean?

June 8, 2012


When John MacArthur teaches that repentance is mandatory for salvation, multitudes of people grow furious and quickly fire off the charge that if one must repent to be forgiven, than salvation is based on works, and so MacArthur’s teaching is heresy.  These accusations aren’t reserved for MacArthur, either.  I have been told on many occasions […]

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What Peter Learned – New Audio Sermon

July 18, 2011


This sermon takes a look at Peter’s denial of Jesus the night before the crucifixion.  Peter learned a lot through this heartbreaking experience, and a lot of what he learned we should take to heart as well.  Do you surprise yourself with the sins you commit?  Have you denied Christ by putting your comfort ahead […]

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