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Beth Moore – Ready for Launch!

October 20, 2014


Beth Moore has a new course plotted and is preparing to head out!  Sadly, it’s a predictable and tragic destination that she’s chosen.  Regular readers will know that it has long been my view that Beth Moore has two dangerous positions in her theology.  First, she feels comfortable with having conversations with God, whether it […]

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A Message for the Southern Baptists

June 13, 2013


Southern Baptist pastor Jordan Hall issues a call of repentance to the SBC.  I highly recommend you hear it and share it with others – even if you aren’t Southern or Baptist!

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WOW! A Must Listen for Every SBC Pastor…

May 18, 2012


I’m not quite sure how to describe this teaching other than to say it is one of the most eye-opening (and frightening) talks I’ve heard in quite some time.  It is a history of the seeker-friendly and Purpose Driven movements.  When I say “history”, that is exactly what I mean.  Sources are quoted, reference material […]

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On Piper, Warren and the SBC

February 28, 2011


I read an article regarding John Piper over at the Crosstalk blog today that brought about profound sadness.  I don’t think I can add much to the article, so I will simply provide a link to it (see below) and let you read it for yourself.  The one thing I will add is to pose […]

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Seriously…. WAKE UP!!

January 11, 2011


I know that in the past I have not been shy in addressing the problems I see with Rick Warren’s theology and methods.  I also know that many, many people read my warnings and warnings like mine and shrug them off as some radical blogger who is out of touch with the way God is […]

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Where are the Baptists Going?

January 1, 2011


Sometimes, you just have to take a deep breath and say, “WOW!”  Why, you ask?  I just recently came across an article in the Associated Baptist Press (read full article HERE) that made my head spin.  It seems as though there has been a meeting between the Baptist World Alliance and the Roman Catholic Pontifical […]

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