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Ex-Roman Catholic Priest Speaks

November 3, 2015


Below is a small piece of the story of Herman Hegger where he discusses his former faith and the doubts he struggled with on a regular basis.  This piece is the portion of his story describing his departure from the Roman Catholic faith and priesthood  (the whole story can be read in full by clicking […]

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Christian Voices of Authority

October 22, 2015


 So have you been following the politics and back-door scheming currently going on in the Roman Catholic Church lately?  Myself, I haven’t been keeping real close tabs on it all, but the general movement of what’s going on has been of some interest to me simply because it has so much to do with theological […]

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Is Your Church Headed to Rome?

October 6, 2013


I recently read this great article over at Possessing the Treasure and was struck by how thoroughly it assessed the current state of the American Church.  I know that often many visitors to this blog are in “browse mode” meaning they are looking for short info-bites regarding Christianity rather than long and thoughtful presentations, but […]

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