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ChurchSalt Challenge… Time Travel!

July 4, 2011


Many science fiction novels & movie scripts have been written on the subject of time travel.  It is probably what would be called in the entertainment world an “overworked idea”.  But please indulge me for a moment as I try to pen a Christian and Biblical view of the subject.  Time travel is good.  Really […]

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Eyes on the road, please.

February 28, 2010

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The blog page of this website discusses a lot of different issues.  False doctrine, the deceit of cultural Christianity, the examination of the fruit in one’s life, Church structure and all sorts of other stuff.  I think these things are necessary to discuss, for the health of our own faith and that of the Church.  But please […]

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True Fellowship with God

January 26, 2010


Communion with God is so wonderful that many pretend to have it when they do not even know what it is.  It is like the man who brags about knowing the King but never has seen his face nor met him.  God’s Spirit calls it a lie when a man says he knows the Lord […]

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