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Ex-Roman Catholic Priest Speaks

November 3, 2015


Below is a small piece of the story of Herman Hegger where he discusses his former faith and the doubts he struggled with on a regular basis.  This piece is the portion of his story describing his departure from the Roman Catholic faith and priesthood  (the whole story can be read in full by clicking […]

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Great Testimony YOU Need to See

September 4, 2013


I have posted this video more than once.  However, I noticed that lately not a lot of my visitors have clicked on it, so I am moving it back out front-and-center yet again.  Why?  Because it’s the account of a girl who told herself and everybody else that she was a Christian until one day […]

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Theology is Only for Pastors…Right?

June 26, 2013


It seems this is the belief that many modern professing Christians hold.  That Theology, the study and understanding of God, is for the brainiacs and the professionals, not the regular everyday Christian (or even the Sunday school teachers and deacons).  May I suggest that this view is why so many Christians have that “something is wrong” […]

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