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Easter – Off to See the Queen!

March 28, 2013

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Have you ever watched one of the royal events broadcast from England’s Buckingham Palace?  The pomp and pageantry is second to none!  Whether it be a speech, wedding, or some other function, when the Queen of England is scheduled to speak thousands of people gather together to hear her.  And this is understandable – she […]

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The Terrifying Irony of the American Christmas

December 3, 2012


How ironic it is to drive around town this time of year.  Everywhere I go I see Christmas lights, decorations, plays, parades, etc.  It seems the majority of American citizens still celebrate this holiday that proclaims the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ.  But…most of these same people either flatly reject the claims of Christ in […]

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Christmas Afterthought

December 28, 2010


I know Christmas is over and we bloggers should be moving on to posts regarding the coming new year, but I guess I am feeling the need to cast one more stone behind me.  My wife and I don’t do the “Santa Claus” thing with our kids and we have recently heard of several local […]

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