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Deeper In

April 20, 2016


If Bob is convinced that he has no need for a widget, the widget salesman is in for a really, really hard time when trying to sell Bob that widget.  But what if Bob really does need a widget, and needs one badly?  What if the widget will help Bob immensely for the rest of […]

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New Sermon – Survey of Joshua

May 18, 2015


A while back I gave a sermon that was a snapshot of the entire book of Joshua.  It covers what to keep in mind when reading the book, discusses some of the more famous chapters, and also looks at how its’ themes relate to us today.  If you’re studying the book of Joshua, or getting […]

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Those Lousy Gibeonites!

November 16, 2014

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So Joshua and company are tricked by some lying Gibeonites who pretend to be from afar off, but are really from only a few miles away (see Joshua 9).  God had put the Gibeonites on the “to be conquered list” as Israel swept across the promised land but things didn’t quite work out that way.  […]

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