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Pastor Challenges ISIS to a God-Fight

August 26, 2014


I’m not going to say a lot to about this video.  I think it’ll be more interesting to just throw it out there and see what y’all think about it.  It seems American pastor Bill Keller believes he can call down fire in an Old Testament style showdown with one of the world’s more infamous […]

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True Christianity & the Truth of Man

December 14, 2013

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I had never seen this video before watching it at another blog earlier today (HT Defending Contending).  This 20 minute video covers a lot of ground in regards to Scripture and culture thanks to the concise wording, sound doctrine and uncompromising boldness of Dr. D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones.  I have no doubt it will sound offensive […]

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Be nice? No… be MORE nice!

September 9, 2010


I had high hopes when I came across this article over at CNN (click HERE to read).  It is an article explaining how the majority of modern teenagers are embracing a false and unbiblical “Christianity”.  It started off great!  A study composed of over 3000 interviews with the findings that while most American youth profess […]

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