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“If you want to hear soft falsehoods, go elsewhere: I will have none of your blood on my trousers.” — Charles Spurgeon

MP3 Sermons… from the Salt Mine!!

Below are some short sermons (most are 30 minutes or less) covering the true Biblical Gospel, modern Christianity & all sorts of topics.

These sermons are direct, meaning they get right into Scripture, and then right to the point.  You won’t find any chit-chat, jokes from the “Pulpit Humor” help books or silly stories.  Just brief but meaty teachings from the Word of God that will challenge, convict & encourage.

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Prayer for the Church – Do you pray for those in your church?  What are your specific requests?  Healing? Financial relief? Maybe for strained relationships?  While there’s nothing wrong with these prayers at all, It’s interesting to note that when Paul prayed for those in the church he prayed for something much different. So is there something that we might learn from Paul’s prayer?  Find out by listening or downloading this MP3 sermon as it takes an expositional look at Paul’s prayer in Ephesians 1:15-23.  Click HERE to listen or download.

I AM – What’s in a name?  If your name is “I AM”, a lot!  God’s name holds profound meaning!  Unlike many modern names, His name is representative of who He is and what He is like.  We in the West don’t think like that as the meanings behind our names have mostly faded into obscurity, but we should not (and must not) allow the meaning of our Lord’s name to do the same thing!  Do you have a relationship with the God of the Bible? Well, the first step in any good relationship is getting to know their name.  Start now by clicking HERE to listen or download this MP3 audio file.

A Christmas Look at Jesus – Often, around Christmas we hear so much about the baby Jesus and His birth that we begin to gloss over the whole thing a bit.  Veteran Christians are especially prone to this because we’ve celebrated Christmas so many times and heard so many sermons it’s all a bit redundant by now.  Last night, I preached a short sermon from a very non-traditional text in an attempt to learn just why Christmas is a big deal and who this Jesus really was (and still is).  If you want a bit of a Christmas wake-up call, click HERE to listen.

Survey of Joshua – This sermon covers the entire book of Joshua – what to keep in mind when reading it, some of the more famous chapters, and how its’ themes relate to us today.  If you’re studying the book of Joshua, or getting ready to, I highly suggest you give it a listen.  This lesson holds a few things that might surprise you as well as some stuff that will definitely help your understanding of this great book!  Click HERE to listen or download this MP3 sermon now.

Pressing On (Philippians 3:7-14) – “Push on! Forget the past!  Keep after it!” This is always a good, encouraging message to hear.  Paul delivered a message of encouragement to his Christian family this letter, but his encouragement had a strange twist, a warning.  Learn what kind of warning actually works out to be an encouragement.  Click HERE now.

Why Preach & Hear the Gospel? – Why preach the gospel to other believers?  And why should I as a believer want to hear it again?  This talk, or teaching looks at these questions and more.  All true Christians understand that the Gospel is the message, the power, that is “unto salvation”, but not everybody understands that we all need to keep hearing it.  Take a walk through the book of Romans while looking a this subject.  Click HERE now.

Those Lousy Gibeonites! (Joshua 9) – So Joshua and company are tricked by some lying Gibeonites who pretend to be from afar off, but are really from only a few miles away.  God had put the Gibeonites on the “to be conquered list” as Israel swept across the promised land but things didn’t quite work out that way.  Is this Biblical account just about the necessity of prayer and the importance of keeping promises, or is there more here?  Is there anything in this that pertains to us in a more meaningful way today?  Yup!  Lots!  Chances are – this chapter is about you!  Listen now by clicking HERE.

What God is Like & Why it Matters (Isaiah 6) – Not too long ago I preached a short sermon titled “What is God Like” at a local recovery house.  In it, I examined the text of Isaiah 6.  When I was recently asked to preach at my home church I decided to revisit this passage.  Why?  Because there was a lot there I didn’t cover the first time.  Also, because people who profess Christianity rarely study what God is really like, but often get too comfortable with what they think He is like.  This sermon takes a good look at Isaiah 6 in order to find out what our Lord is really like and why it matters.  No Christian thinks of themselves as too comfortable with the Lord even though almost all Christians are.  If you are called by His name (Christian) I encourage you to listen to this free mp3 sermon today.  Click HERE.

I, Slave (Romans 6:15-19)  We are all slaves.  Does this sound odd to you?  In Romans, our Lord teaches us this very thing.  We are slaves to the sins we choose to obey.  Because of the nature of substance abuse, many struggling with addictions know this better than others, but that doesn’t mean this passage applies only to the addict.  Those who obey sin (all sin) are slaves to it.  The addict often has a clearer understanding as to the enslavement of sin, and where sin takes us (death), but the enslaving nature and final destination of all sin is the same.  Listen to this sermon (preached at the chapel of a recovery house) and examine your actions so as to consider who you are serving. Click HERE now. Addiction Recovery Sermon

The False Convert (Matthew 7:21-23) This passage isn’t usually framed and put on the wall above the couch, and for obvious reasons.  It’s a bit disturbing.  Jesus made it extremely clear that many, many people who believe themselves to be saved are deceived and headed for eternal damnation.  Each and every one of us believes this passage must be referring to someone else, but given the serious nature of this issue, don’t you think it might be a good idea to dig into this warning and see what it’s all about?  I encourage you to download or listen to this free audio sermon by clicking The False Convert right now.

Justice and The Gospel – God is love, right?  So He can forgive us of our sins, which is really great news!  Except…according to Scripture, God is also a just judge.  How can a judge still be just if he simply decides to forgive people of their crimes against the law (in this case, crimes against the Holy law of God)??  If the messages you have heard preached don’t explain how God can be just AND forgive sin, then you haven’t been hearing the true, biblical gospel!  A lot of people these days are calling their message “the gospel”.  Find out what the true gospel is, and why the truth of God’s justice is incredibly important to those folks who are guilty in the eyes of the court (people like you).  Click Justice and the Gospel now.

While “Going Up” (Psalm 130) It is called a “Psalm of Ascent”.  The people of Israel sang this song as they went up to the temple in Jerusalem to offer sacrifices and seek the forgiveness of sins from the Lord.  But does this Psalm have anything to say to us in the modern world?  Today, we are as guilty of sin as those in ancient times, so perhaps we should take the time to examine this song to see what it might teach.  Click Going Up – Psalm 130 to listen to this short expositional MP3 sermon now.

God’s Plan for Good (Jeremiah 29:11) – This particular Bible verse is one that countless Christians have displayed on their walls and desks as a daily personal encouragement.  But if we stop and think about it, the modern practice of flipping through the bible, selecting what we find to be an encouragement, and displaying it under the assurance that it applies to us is questionable.   Every passage needs to be look at it in its’ proper biblical context before we can know how to apply it.  Does Jeremiah 29:11, written to ancient Israel to give them encouragement that their slavery in Babylon would someday end have any relevance to a modern believer?  I know it’s a bit of a kill-joy to question a verse almost universally accepted as an encouragement, but to apply it blindly is to make up our own doctrine as we see fit.  Find out if this verse has a message for you, and what that message is by clicking HERE now!

A Call to Die (Matthew 16:21-25) – Originally preached at a substance abuse recovery house, this free MP3 sermon examines Matthew 16: 21-25 in an effort to learn exactly what the call to follow Christ means.  It looks into what it means to “pick up our cross”, and why so many people who profess to follow Christ actually don’t follow Him at all (or fail in their efforts).  As part of salvation, we abandon our own rights and instead live for Christ.  Listen to “A Call to Die” to learn exactly what this means. Click A Call to Die now to listen!  Addiction Recovery Sermon

Grace for the Dead (Ephesians 2:1-10) – This is a passage of Scripture that should sound familiar to every believer.  The Lord brings the dead back to life when He saves a person, and this is what Paul is writing about in this part of his letter to the Ephesians.  It is a great bit of Scripture for the Christian to review so as to understand and appreciate the work the Lord has accomplished in them.  It is also great for the non-christian as well as it explains the deep-down feeling of helplessness, guilt and impending doom that is so often buried in  those without Christ.  If you feel empty and dead inside, don’t ask a doctor to medicate you, instead, seek the counsel of the one who made you as you consider this passage.  Listen Grace for the Dead now.

The Gospel in the Law (Exodus 20) – Most of us are familiar with the Ten Commandments found in Exodus chapter 20, but are you aware that this passage contains not only the Law of God, but also the grace of God?  This MP3 sermon takes a look at one of the most well-known passages in all of Scripture and examines it to see exactly where it stands in our Lord’s redemptive plan, and what parts of this chapter we may have been inadvertently missing when reading it.  Click Law & Gospel in Exodus 20 now to listen.

THEREFORE (Romans 12:1-2) – Funny how when reading the Bible, we can skip over common words that have significant meaning as though they weren’t even there.  The meaning behind the word, “therefore” in Romans 12:1-2 has a profound impact on what the passage is saying.  This chapter (and all of the final chapters in Romans) can’t be plucked out and held up as a simple teaching on how to live life.  Before reading this section of Scripture, one must know to what the word, “therefore” was referring!  Find out today by clicking THEREFORE and listening to this free MP3 sermon.

What Peter Learned (Luke 22:31-34 & 54-62) – This sermon takes a look at Peter’s denial of Jesus the night before the crucifixion.  Peter learned a lot through this heartbreaking experience, and a lot of what he learned we should take to heart as well.  Do you surprise yourself with the sins you commit?  Have you denied Christ by putting your comfort ahead of your loyalty to Him?  Learn for yourself what Peter learned by clicking What Peter Learned to listen or download.

Dead Bones (Ezekiel 37:1-10) – This sermon was given to an audience full of men in an addiction recovery program, but the truths contained apply to all.  What truths?  The truth that until our Lord reaches down and saves us, we are all dead men walking!  This is simply a biblical fact.  Often those with an addiction understand this while many others don’t want to hear it.  They often take great pride in their own morality and good deeds, but Scripture tells us that without the Spirit of Christ inside us, we are all simply a pile of dead bones.  This sermon is a look into this simple and perhaps disturbing truth found in Ezekiel 37:1-10.  The last half of Ezekiel 36 and the first half of Ezekiel 37 holds some of the most hopeful, incredible and illustrative truths to be handed down to mankind.  Listen to “Dead Bones” by clicking Dead Bones now.

The Impossible Psalm (Psalm 32) – Our Lord told us in Luke 24 that He came to fulfill what was spoken in the law of Moses, the Prophets, and the Psalms… and without Christ’s finished work on the Cross Psalm 32:1-7 is completely impossible!  This can be seen when it is examined with the knowledge that our God is not only loving, but also just.  It is so easy to read the Bible with religious lenses on, and breeze right over comforting Psalms like this one without ever thinking about what they are really saying.  This sermon takes a deep look at Psalm 32 and comes to the conclusion that the Psalm is teaching the impossible.  But, of course, with Christ all things are possible…Listen or download now (it’s free!) by clicking Impossible Psalm now.

Is Jesus on Your Side? (Joshua 5:13-15) – This latest sermon is an extremely short but pointed look into a topic covered in a ChurchSalt blog-post not too long ago (read post Here).  If someone asked you right now, “Is Jesus on your side?”  How would you answer?  Do you feel as though He is your support and has your back in all you do?  When you are faced with battles in life, are you comforted knowing He is on your side?  If so, you should take a few minutes to listen to this sermon entitled “Is Jesus on Your Side?”  This question might be a little deeper than you think!  Listen or download Is Jesus on Your Side?.

Lifted Up (Numbers 21) – “As Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, so must the Son of Man be lifted up”  With this understanding of the bronze serpent, this sermon looks at Numbers 21 and how the camp of Israel was saved from certain death.  The Old Testament has many teachings of Christ that are worth careful examination, and this is one of them.  Listen to Lifted Up.

Amazing Adoption (John 20:11-18) – What an absolute jaw-dropping concept!  That sinful, rebellious man could be (and would be) adopted into the family of our Holy Lord!  Listen as this sermon explores the concept of adoption by looking at an often over-looked passage (John 20:11-18).  After being denied and abandoned by His closest followers, one of our Lord’s first statements after the resurrection was to indicate they were now family by calling them “brothers”.  This is an encouraging, humbling and challenging text.  Listen now by clicking here…Amazing Adoption.

That Kind of Faith (James 2:14-26) – This sermon dives into a passage that often brings much confusion.  Is James saying we are saved by doing good deeds (works)?  Is he saying we are saved by Jesus + works?  How can this passage possibly be compatible with Ephesians 2:8-9 where Paul tells us we are saved by grace through faith, and that our works do not in any way save us?  This teaching is a short but deep look into an area of the New Testament that can often be confusing.  Click That Kind of Faith to play or download now.

The Rich Young Ruler (Luke 18:18-23) – This parable may quite possibly one of the most trivialized portions of Scripture in modern-day preaching.  This isn’t just a “Don’t love money” lesson Jesus gives out as a side dish.  Not at all.  Instead it is a generous helping of meaty doctrine touching on sin, the Law, idolatry and the Gospel.  This sermon is a quick look at Luke 18:18-23 to reveal its’ riches and examine what it truly teaches (including Jesus’ opening words that are so-often twisted).  Please listen to “The Rich Young Ruler” by clicking The Rich Young Ruler.

John 3:16 – What verse in Scripture could be more often quoted and publicized than John 3:16?  None.  It is everywhere.  Football games, baseball games, soccer games and in every gospel tract ever printed.  Now in my reasoning, if a verse is used THAT much, it should be examined carefully to understand the full meaning!  This sermon is far from a tired look at a truth already understood by all.  It is an in-depth look at John 3:16 and a few verses around it to try to rightly understand what it is saying, and what it is not saying.  Don’t miss a chance to study an incredibly rich portion of Scripture just because it is a familiar portion of Scripture.  Click John 3:16 to listen today!

THE Gospel (made easy) – Taken from the 3rd chapter of Romans, this sermon takes a good (deep but simple) look at what the Bible teaches as the Gospel message.  These days, there are many, many messages claiming to be “Gospel”.  Can anything be more important than finding out what the Bible actually teaches?  The Gospel needs to be heard by all…confused, searching, doubting , saved, unsaved, pastor , sinner and saint alike.  To listen, click here… THE Gospel.

Is Salvation Free? (Isaiah 52:13 – 53:12) Don’t pass by this sermon thinking you have it already figured out.  Maybe, just maybe, Salvation isn’t as free as we always hear it is.  What if we have become a little flippant in regards to the idea of being “saved”?  This sermon isn’t about earning Salvation, it is about the cost of Salvation as described by Isaiah.  Listen to this Old Testament teaching about the Cross… Is Salvation Free?  A must listen!

Marriage – This sermon by Voddie Baucham may be titled “Healing for Hurt Marriages” but is absolutely a must-listen for anyone who is married or thinking about marriage.  Click here… Healing for Hurt Marriages.

The Preachers Wife – Charo Washer, wife of Preacher & evangelist Paul Washer gives her testimony.  After living a christian life and living as a missionary, she came to the realization that she was NOT a Christian.  While listening to her husband Paul preach on examining your faith to see if it is real, Charo finally comes to true salvation.  Terrific testimony!!  Click HERE.

“The motto of all true servants of God must be, “We preach Christ; and him crucified.” A sermon without Christ in it is like a loaf of bread without any flour in it. No Christ in your sermon, sir? Then go home, and never preach again until you have something worth preaching!”                       Charles Spurgeon

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