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Why?  What is the Purpose of ChurchSalt?

To bring glory to the Lord’s name and the true biblical message of salvation to the religious lost.

The purpose of this website is not to dive deeply into hot or debatable topics (although they do come up from time to time).  There are plenty of sites dedicated to exposing the latest heretical fad sweeping the church.  Likewise, the Calvinist vs. Arminian debate also has plenty of in-depth coverage.  These are valuable discussions and I am glad that there are websites contending for the faith, and this one will too from time to time.  But the primary goal of this particular site is to consider many of the Biblical truths that are ignored and distorted in Protestant churches across the United States.  In particular, the blog tries to take a long, hard look at what the Bible really says about Salvation.  To look at aspects of Salvation that are neglected because they are too uncomfortable to discuss in today’s modern American culture, and so are not preached in most churches.  The result of such weak modern preaching is that many who claim to be Christians are unable to even describe what the Bible says about Salvation, and so we try to challenge folks in this area.  We will also look at Obedience, Holiness, how we “Do Church”, Evangelism, how Salvation saves us from sin and from Hell, and a whole lot of other subjects.  All we ask is this:  PLEASE look in the Bible for yourself before deciding if we are right, wrong, or just plain crazy.  So often views are adopted simply because when we first heard them we found them comfortable or convenient.  Maybe they just sounded correct to our idea of how things should be, or came from a trusted source that “just couldn’t be wrong.”  Much of the design in how we “do church” is based on our culture.  Is this OK, or does it clash with what the Word of God directs?  The truth is that we should be going to the Bible for the final authority on everything.  Teachers, pastors, parents and friends can be great sources of truth, but if they become misled, so do you.  Verify EVERYTHING you are taught with what the Bible says, including the articles and Bible studies posted here.  When a scripture reference is given, look it up and read it!  It is critical to understanding the material, and verifying that it is accurate.  If the Scriptures are accurate, and the conclusions drawn from them are sound, then you will then need to make some decisions:  Will you accept the truth as stated in the Bible, and apply it to your life?  Will you ignore it, because of the unwanted changes it might bring about in your life?   Or will you deny it, and write off the conviction you feel as just the ramblings of some fanatical website?

Choose wisely!

Please browse the articles, and feel free to download anything and everything you want.  This ministry has been called to address cultural Christianity in the American church.  We will address doctrines that for 1900 years were the backbone of Christianity, and have been minimized or completely forgotten in the last 100 years.  This website is here to bring glory to God by accurately proclaiming the truth in His Word.  It is here to bring people to Christ, and to bring people closer to Christ.  No copyrights exist here, so share freely.  All we ask is that you do not alter any of the material if you are going to share it.  If you find something encouraging, challenging, or even incorrect and unbiblical, please leave a comment.  If concerns are raised that have Biblical backing and are accurate, we will try to address them.  If we are wrong we will admit it and change it.  Why? Because we too are trying to serve, know and love our Lord and Master Jesus Christ more and more everyday.

Again, welcome to ChurchSalt!  May God use us both to bring glory to His Name!


Don’t decide your beliefs and then look for Biblical support…

Study what the Bible really says, then decide your beliefs!


My name is Joe Hamper.  I am the administrator and primary author on this site.  I am a husband, a father, a church member and a Texan.  In theological language (for those who speak it) I am a reformed, calvinistic, soft-cessationist, amillenial who holds to Baptist Covenant Theology and the Five Solas.  I spent many years claiming the name “Christian” and attending church, without a single person ever sitting me down to explain the true Gospel of Jesus Christ as laid out in Scripture.  And, no, I didn’t hear it in the sermons either.  I heard a lot about purpose, vision and how to better various areas of my life, but regarding repentance, atonement and holiness there was silence.  Looking back, I do not consider their silence to be love.  Those who understood the Gospel were walking in cowardice and apathy, and those who did not understand were as lost as I was.  It is my hope this site will challenge many to examine the authenticity of their faith as well as inspire true believers to be pro-active in evangelism, to share law and Gospel, even when it is uncomfortable.

I firmly believe salvation is through grace alone, but I also believe there will be signs of salvation after it has occurred.  Not immediate perfection, but a work in progress.  A growing separation from sin that expands the gulf between the saint and the lost more every day.  This gulf can be examined, and that is what this site is trying to encourage, NOT a striving for meritorious salvation.  Carefully read 1st John, it pretty much says it all on that subject.

As far as content on this blog, if an article or post isn’t marked with a name other than “ChurchSalt”, then I am the author.  Same thing with the MP3 sermons on the Audio Sermon page, if it doesn’t list the speaker, then it is me.  All items marked as “ChurchSalt Original” are, well, ChurchSalt originals (although you may run into one or two of them on a few other blogs where I sometimes contribute).  If you would like to skip content you may have seen on other sites and only browse material unique to ChurchSalt, visit the “ChurchSalt Original” category (go there now by clicking HERE).  If you would like to contact me privately, please email me at

I hope this site is used by God to challenge, convict, and encourage you.

Thanks for stopping by!

– Joe Hamper

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