The Confused State of Theology

Everyone is a theologian. Period. When a person has thoughts, opinions and views on God (even if they reject the existence of God) they are practicing theology. Ligonier Ministries conducts a fairly extensive survey every two years to find out the general beliefs held by those who identify as evangelical Christians.  This past year’s results are in, and the picture it paints is confusing.  Correction, it is a crystal clear picture of a very confused people group.

I would encourage you to visit the results and see for yourself ( just click HERE).  The one thing I took away from this is perhaps a clearer view of the incredible need for solid, biblically literate teachers in today’s churches. For so many people to have such confused and contradictory views of very basic biblical teachings, it can mean only one thing; we are experiencing a famine of sound teaching.  It is time (past time) for those who know how to exposit, explain and teach to make time in their weekly schedule to begin doing just that.  Whether it be volunteering to lead a Bible study, preaching at a nursing home or recovery house, or simply ramping up daily devotions with the kiddos at home, it’s time to engage!

For those looking to develop or hone their skills at learning and teaching biblical truth, I will once again point you to Simeon Trust.  They have online classes as well as a variety of workshops in multiple cities, and they are one of the best groups out there in equipping people to teach truth correctly.

This survey shows us what many of our friends, relatives and fellow church members believe.  It’s a dark, crazy picture it paints, and now is the time to get to work!


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One Comment on “The Confused State of Theology”

  1. Mara-Lee Says:

    Thank you for putting this out there. I agree with your opinion and I hope more people would come to agree with this as well.


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