Think, Christian….Think!!

One thing I am constantly teaching my children and encouraging others to do is to think for themselves.  Really think.  To put aside what they have been told by their friends and culture and to logically think through issues on their own.  For example, when speaking of racial issues and distinctions, I have more than once told my kids to shut out all the societal voices and just use their eyes.  When they look at the skin of a “black” man, I ask, what color do they see?  The answer, of course, is brown.  I then tell them to look at their own skin and and that of those around them and observe the color.  Again, the answer again comes back as brown.  So are people different colors?  No.  We are all various shades of brown.  I teach this method of observation because I truly believe that if we are to ever understand what’s going on around us we must begin in reality and then consider what is said and done from there.  My kids get it.  Now when I tell them to slow down and think, they pause to compare what they were told with what their eyes are seeing, and I’m proud to say that more often than not they start to understand the reality of a situation.

I would like to encourage you now as well.  Spend a little time thinking for yourself.  If you are in a church that promotes “word of faith” teachings, the teachings that tell us our words have power to create or change the physical reality around, please open your mind to some critical thought.  Below is a good video that might give you some food for that thought.  Watch it, think of what you know happened in regards to recent storms, and compare what they teach with reality.  Take a look:

If what you just saw makes you uncomfortable, but you are wondering how God’s trustworthy word fits into this, please let me point you to a great resource.  Jim Osman has put out a book that clarifies a lot of those uncomfortable “something doesn’t feel right here” thoughts that might be swirling in your head.  “Truth or Territory” is short and inexpensive book that, quite frankly, is one of the best books out there on the subject of spritual warfare and the power/authority of the believer.  It’s time we start thinking for ourselves, and if we put in some good, solid brain-food, I hope we can all start doing it better!

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One Comment on “Think, Christian….Think!!”

  1. Paul Says:

    That’s not what media tells us! Joking…you’re right as usual. I find we can take so much for granted without actually thinking things through. I as well teach my kids to think things through. Don’t just accept something just because everyone believes it.

    I also use the illustration of “seeing is believing”. Is it? Not necessarily. Go in an elevator and when the doors open, watch the floor of the building and tell me which is actually moving. The elevator or the floor of the building? If you embrace the seeing is believing philosophy, then the floor of the building is moving, not the elevator.

    We always have to be on guard, for the deception that surrounds us is so powerful.


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