New Sermon – I AM

What’s in a name?  If your name is “I AM”, a lot!  God’s name holds profound meaning!  Unlike American names, His name is representative of who He is and what He is like.  We in the West don’t think like that as the meanings behind our names have mostly faded into obscurity, but we should not (and must not) allow the meaning of our Lord’s name to do the same thing!  Do you have a relationship with the God of the Bible? Well, the first step in any good relationship is getting to know their name.  Start now by clicking HERE to listen or download this MP3 audio file.

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4 Comments on “New Sermon – I AM”

  1. simonjkyte Says:

    I think it is interesting that he has the same name as an egyptian moon deity and the israelites are ‘led out of egypt’ by someone with a clearly egyptian name presumably meaning something like ‘born of nobody’


  2. simonjkyte Says:

    Hmmm Are you sure he did not just tell Moses ‘I am who I am so mind your own business’ – That is how I read it. The name comes from somewhere else possibly Edon?


    • ChurchSalt Says:

      Lord says I Am who I Am and then goes on to give a personal name (what we now know as Yahweh) that carries the meaning of the I AM statement, so I don’t think we can read it as an annoyed dismissal. Factor in Jesus’ use of that same title and it looks to have some pretty heavy authority and continuity.


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