Deeper In

thinkerIf Bob is convinced that he has no need for a widget, the widget salesman is in for a really, really hard time when trying to sell Bob that widget.  But what if Bob really does need a widget, and needs one badly?  What if the widget will help Bob immensely for the rest of his life?  Sadly, this make no difference because until Bob realizes his need, he will always ignore the salesman’s calls and refuse to open the door when the salesman comes knocking.  Today, I feel a lot like that salesman.  Once again I’m posting some material about how to understand the Bible better, and yet I do so knowing full well many visitors to this site will breeze over it because they feel they already have some pretty sharp skills when it comes Bible comprehension.  Myself, I see a lack of proper reading and understanding to be one of, if not the most, lacking skills in American Christianity (and no, pastors are not exempt from my critique).  Folks don’t get that they aren’t getting it.  What I’m driving at is this: PLEASE start spending some time sharpening your skills!  You need it, I need it, and none of us are “fully there” yet.  Today I’m posting an MP3 of a talk I gave last week.  This talk contrasts the common way of reading about Joshua at Jericho with the correct way of reading that same passage.  While this short little talk in no way covers everything going on in this text, it gives a really good picture into what many modern readers are missing.

Click HERE to listen or download this recent teaching, or you can simply listen using the player below:


If you want to learn more of these skills, there is a whole bunch of posts discussing different aspects of how to better understand Scripture.  Click HERE now to see them.

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2 Comments on “Deeper In”

  1. elderdxc Says:

    This is, in essence, the way that Lutherans are trained to study Scripture. Christocentric, Law/Gospel hermeneutic. I enjoyed your exposition of the passage, and I hope that I remember enough of it to make use of it the next time it shows up in the Lectionary (LSB 3-year).


    • ChurchSalt Says:

      While I’m not a Lutheran, I do have great respect for how many have clung to sound, traditional hermeneutical practices (the orthodox Lutherans, that is). I have had great benefit in the past from some of their teachings regarding the sharp distinction between law and gospel. Good stuff! Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment.


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