1,142 New Ways to Go to Heaven

Pope-FrancisI’m a little short on time today and so can only offer you a brief post.  Another reason for the brevity is that sometimes you just look at something in dismay and say “Wow, I’m speechless”.  If you haven’t heard, this week Pope Francis appointed what are being called “super-confessors”.  These men are priests who have been given the power to forgive sins that previously only the Pope could forgive.  This means that for those guilty of these heinous sins who previously only had one way to forgiveness (the Pope of course, not Jesus, that would be silly) there are now 1,142 super-confessors who can get you to heaven. The logic and theology behind this is obvious; they believe that they, men, have the power to forgive sin.  In Old Testament times they would have been stoned for saying such a thing and in New Testament times John would call them an “anti-christ” as they have taken the role and office of God.  In fact, during the Protestant Reformation the office of the Pope was almost universally recognized as being one of anti-christ by the reformer/preachers of the day.  Are you a Protestant?  If so, standing firm against such things is your heritage!

Today as you go your way, please recognize what is going on in the Roman Catholic church and maybe study up a bit so as to reach your catholic friends with the true Gospel (forgiveness through Christ alone for those who come in repentance and trust).  It’s usually pointless to attack the leaders of such organizations, but showing someone what God’s Word actually says as you question their doctrine and presenting them the true gospel has strong results.  The gospel is the power of God unto salvation, let us reach out with it now more than ever!  Leaving the true gospel on a shelf is how the Roman Catholics got in this mess in the first place (they condemned the biblical gospel at the Council of Trent and have been doubling-down ever since).  Let’s not make the same mistake!


Click HERE if you would like to read the news release regarding the “super confessors”

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