Text Message!

Text Message 2Today is the second release in the new “Text Message” series.  What’s that all about, you ask?  Good question!  Text messages (at least here at ChurchSalt) are little snippets of Scripture that folks like you and I may find a bit challenging.  In some cases they might even make us uncomfortable!  But that’s good, right?  We should never shy away from portions of Scripture that disagree with our views and feelings.  After all, if we are true Christ-followers it’s actually our duty to change our views, opinions and practices to conform with God’s Word.  We can’t just avoid the tough subjects.

So, what does today’s text message say?  Not much.  Kinda short, really.  But take a look at the words underlined here in Revelation 19:5 from the HCSB – Holman Christian Standard Bible:

“Praise our God, all His slaves who fear Him, both small and great!”

 The reason I think many will find this challenging is simple: If you are a Christian, it’s talking about you and there’s a good chance you don’t think of yourself as a slave who fears Him.  But there it is in black and white!  Those He has redeemed, those He calls sons and daughters He also calls slaves.  Not only that, but it suggests that a fear of Him is a good and expected thing.  If this is foreign to your thought or makes you uncomfortable (some may even find it offensive) then may I suggest something is wrong in your view of your relationship with God?  The topic of slaves has been discussed at this blog before (see Here and Here) and was even covered in a sermon (listen Here).  However, the subject of the fear of the Lord hasn’t been discussed nearly as much.  This is a sorely neglected but much-needed truth that needs to be learned!  If you are being challenged by this, check out “The Fear of God“, a book by Arnold L. Frank or browse some of the articles and sermons posted over at Monergism.com.

That’s all for today’s text message.  Remember, while the opinions and teachings of myself and others may be faulty, the Word of God is never in question.  If you find yourself disagreeing with me, then that means one of us is wrong and we can try to figure which of us is at fault.  It might even be both of us!  However, if you find yourself disagreeing with the “text message” there is no question as to who is in error.  It’s you.  And if I disagree with the text then it is me that’s off-base.  It’s just that simple.  I hope you find these little challenges beneficial and I hope they lead you to some new and helpful resources for studying some of the deeper truths of our Lord.  Thanks for stopping by!

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