Are You a Professional Christian? You should be…

November 11, 2015

American Church, Encouragement

Shamelessly stolen from Marc Minter of First Baptist Church, Diana, Texas:

“I did not know this until recently, but the term “professional” actually came into use as Protestant Christians argued against any division between things that are ‘sacred’ and things that are ‘secular.’ There are some who believe that these two realms either rarely or never actually intersect. They would say that ‘sacred’ things (like religious beliefs or practices) and ‘secular’ things (like a mechanic working on a car or a broker buying and selling stocks) have nothing significant to do with one another.
However, the Bible doesn’t know of any area of life that is unaffected by one’s view of God, or humanity, or morality, or a host of other concepts that seem to be more ‘sacred’ than ‘secular.’ Therefore, Protestants argued, as anyone goes about performing the task they do (be it fixing a car, cleaning a kitchen, installing plumbing, or building a widget) they may perform that task as a ‘profession’ of their faith in and love for God. Those who do their work as a ‘profession’ of their faith – do their work as ‘professionals.’
Consider that as you go about the various tasks that you do this week… “I am performing this task out of my love for God, my love for others, and my gratitude for Christ.” Kind of puts things into a new perspective, doesn’t it?  May God help us be professionals indeed!”
Interesting and challenging stuff!
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