Christian Worship Music – the Golden Calf?

I originally posted this about five years ago, but the website referenced went down.  With the link now fixed, I thought it might be a good idea to blow the dust off this post and put it out there again:

Recently I had an experience that profoundly troubled me.  Visiting a local Church (Southern Baptist, not some crazy progressive universalist coffee-house) I got to experience a “cool” worship leader.  Greased hair, jokes about being “cool enough” to lead, “Christian” tattoos, and absolutely no (as in zero, zilch, nada) respect for the God he was claiming to worship.  “Hey, everybody, let’s all stand up and do this…” and the drums began to beat wildly and the guitars cranked up.  Not one second of humble prayer before an all-powerful God, not a moment of silence and awe before the one who died.  No, just a “let’s rock this joint” attitude.  It was disturbing.  Very disturbing.   No matter what your take on what should be considered acceptable worship music, this kind of “leadership” was nothing short of blasphemous.  It was a mockery of God in a house said to be devoted to the glory of His Name.  I would love to write more on proper and improper worship music, but to be honest, music styles and the whole artistic scene are things that lie far outside my area of expertise and familiarity.  I know mockery and blasphemy when I see it, but there are many subtle stages of decay between what is pleasing to God and what I saw that day.  So instead of sharing what little I know, I would like to point you to a series of articles that struck me as being extremely insightful.  By insightful, I mean insightful into what God’s Word says on the subject, NOT insightful into what draws a crowd or what the modern church wants.  When striving for the truth, why should we study the culture?  Why should we be asking, “What can we do?”  Shouldn’t the question be “What would God have us do?”  Myself, I want insight into the Word of God on this delicate subject.

Below is a link to a series of articles posted by the Desert Pastor.  If you read them all in one sitting you are probably looking at 15-20 minutes of reading.  I know that 15 minutes of reading on a subject looks intimidating (especially in today’s read-what-I-need-in-30 seconds-or-less culture) but it’s worth it.  Maybe take a week to read 1 or 2 articles a night (the television can wait).  They will give you much to think and pray about as you go forth to worship the Lord in the future.  So, without further delay, here is the link to first post in this great series of articles:

Part 1 click HERE   (Link now repaired!)

Links to the other parts of this series will given at the bottom of part 1

Folks – This one is important.  Please take the time now to read through this subject!

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5 Comments on “Christian Worship Music – the Golden Calf?”

  1. Nellie Says:

    “Spiritual Anorexia” by Doug Erlandson. Great read on same subject, I think I got it for under $2 on Kindle eBooks.


  2. Mark Anthony Escalera Says:

    Thank you for sharing my thoughts on music. Sadly, we can get discouraged when it seems like thoughts on Biblical principles are rarely read. Every blessing.


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