Text Message!

Today I thought I would start a new feature here at ChurchSalt.  Whenever I come across some text in Scripture that might challenge some folks, I’m going to try to send it out so that they are, well, challenged.  Keep in mind that, while I may have a few thoughts on the page too, the real message is what you will see in the text.  So without further ado, here is today’s “Text Message” from the book of Jude:

Jude Text2

Why would this challenge folks?  Well, because it seems that a lot of folks have gotten into the habit of talking to Satan.  They rebuke him, order him around, send him places, restrict his power, and all sorts of other stuff.  The problem is that this isn’t taught anywhere in Scripture!  Nobody (aside from God (which includes Jesus in His incarnation)) went around talking to Satan.  Does Paul do it when he comes into cities full of idol worship?  No.  Why not?  Surely binding him and telling him to leave would have helped a bit!  What about John?  Nope, not him either.  Do they at least teach about it then?  Well…no.  In fact, this passage makes it clear that Michael the Archangel dares not rebuke Satan personally, but instead defers that action only to the Lord.  Are you of more power and might than the Archangel?  No?  I’m not either.  So why do people do this?  Why is there no history of anyone doing this anywhere at anytime before 1900?  Good question!  Why do some people bow their head in prayer to the heavenly Father and then start talking to Satan within a few seconds?  That’s not only a good question but an alarming one!!  To me, it almost feels like they are addressing him in prayer.  Dangerous and scary stuff we are talking about here.  There are some other passages about a believer’s authority that are often brought into play by those that teach these practices, but with no clear & direct teachings or examples being found elsewhere, is it possible that these “authority passages” are really talking about something else?  Better be sure!  To learn more, check out the Kindle ebook “Truth or Territory” by  Jim Osman (click HERE to check it out).  I’m pretty sure it’s accessible through most devices and even traditional computers if you install the right reader.  It’s not a long book, but it thoroughly covers all these questions and more.  So a summary of today’s text message might be this:  Why, when you have an open line to an all-powerful God, are you talking to a defeated creature instead?  You have no authority or need to do so.

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2 Comments on “Text Message!”

  1. ingrid Says:

    Good info. I have to admit I have yelled at Satan a few times but realize I should always take everything to God


    • ChurchSalt Says:

      I think the real problem is when we start commanding and demeaning Satan, especially in out prayers! I remembered after I wrote this post that there was indeed a conversation between a man and Satan, and despite it taking place in a beautiful garden, it didn’t end real well.
      Thanks for commenting Ingrid! Hope you have a great evening!


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