Narcissism – From the Bible ToYou

Narcissism has never felt so spiritual!  In watching the video below, you’re going to think it’s a parody or some sort of satirical look at how modern Christians often read the Bible, but sadly it isn’t.  It’s a real product, and people are really buying it.  The “ToYouBible” app (available on your pad or other mobile device) removes those impersonal and unnecessary words like “man, woman, you” and replaces them with your name instead.  Never mind that none of the Biblical books were written to you and I, and never mind that the full meaning of the text is loss when trying to personalize it.  Instead, just think of Scripture as being about you!  I honestly struggle in even trying to understand how anyone with even an ounce of discernment and/or wisdom could possibly think this is a good idea.

The Bible specifically warns us in Revelation 19 not to change a single word, and Jesus told us quite clearly in Luke 24 that the Bible is about Him, not you and I.  To create an app like this invites the wrath of God by not only changing words, but changing them so that the general theme of Scripture is me, and all the good blessings and stuff I’m to receive.  I can’t help but wonder…do you think the creators of this program put their names in place of the word “you” in all those Old Testament books where the false prophets and teachers were promised destruction?  Somebody else will have to buy this abomination and let me know, as I would pay good money NOT to have this on any of my devices!  Sometimes, you can only stop, stare and say “Wow!”

As “reading yourself into the Bible” is one of the topics addressed in our recent series discussing how to read your Bible and understand it, I thought it only fitting I provide a link to that series HERE. I sincerely hope that the ToYou programmers and all who have purchased this app somehow stumble on these articles and take the time to read them.


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7 Comments on “Narcissism – From the Bible ToYou”

  1. Eliza Says:

    Thank you for sharing this. This all comes about from the low view of Scripture that has been propagated throughout the visible church and the elevation of self over and above the exaltation of God. All of this is preparing the way for the Antichrist. May God bless us to be faithful to Him, and watch for the return of Jesus Christ.


  2. ingrid Says:

    It is so heartbreaking how so much wrong teaching is out there now. I have been so blest in the Biblical teaching in my Church. I also feel God has opened my eyes,ears and heart to His Word. To be able to discern the Truth is so important.


    • ChurchSalt Says:

      You said the key words – His Word. What he said we are not to play games with, but we are to study and read diligently as they are truth. I can’t help but wonder how much time the users (or designers) of this app really spend in the Word.


  3. Revival and Reformation Says:

    Hey’s interesting that the “church” (ahem) will only accept verses that stroke the ego, promise victory or success. How about the verses in Job? Hmm…I remember Paul talking about all the misery he had gone through for the sake of the Gospel…I just bet these false converts will conveniently skip over them.

    BTW…your video don’t work!


    • ChurchSalt Says:

      Got the video fixed, not that you’re going to want to see it. Bible interpretation is easy these days – positive passages are about me, negative passages are about others, and historical accounts are allegories in which I am to identify with the role of the hero and learn the tactics so as to bring success and blessing to..guess who? That’s right – me! It’s beyond comprehension how folks never pause to think of how they read Scripture, and how drastically different their method is when compared to how they read every other written communication. Sadly, I’ll bet a Bible about self (like ToYou) brings in some big $$


      • paulandzabethbayne Says:

        How about this one. Close your eyes, open your Bible and point to the first place. That verse is God speaking personally to you!

        Let’s hope it doesn’t land on where Judas went out and hung himself….


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