Spotlight On… Ligonier Connect!

spotlightIf you listen to Christian podcasts or radio programs much you’re probably bombarded with advertisements to visit online campuses.  If you’re like me, you probably ignore them.  Myself, I would love to spend more time in organized course-work provided the teaching was solid and valuable, but life simply interferes so much that I feel as though I’m wasting a lot of money when I sign up and then make slow progress.  Well, I don’t feel that way anymore!  First I found the affordable courses over at Simeon Trust, and now I’ve been pleasantly surprised (absolutely astounded is more like it) by the program offered over at Ligonier Connect.  Before you tune out because you think it will be several hundred dollars for material that’s over your head, let me assure you that isn’t the case.  Ligonier costs $9/month.  No, that’s not a typo.  Less than ten dollars.  And they not only have classes but entire programs (called tracks) on all sorts of subjects of interest for any Christian whether you be a new convert and just learning the basics or a more experienced believer looking to expand your knowledge.  Their site is extremely simple and easy to use (even for technologically impaired folk like me).

If you would like to educate yourself and expand your mind (and can come up with $10) I strongly encourage you to visit their site and sign up today.  I’ve already completed their short course on Sovereignty & Prayer and am now starting their track focusing on a Christian worldview.  Really good, solid stuff they have going on over there.  Check it out!

To see the course catalog over at Ligonier Connect, click HERE now.

P.S. I know my post sounds like an advertisement, so let me assure you I have never received any money or favors from Ligonier to promote their material.  In fact, I’ve never (to my knowledge) had any contact of any sort with any of their employees in my lifetime.  I’m just really excited to find so much good, self-paced material so cheap and wanted to encourage others to avail themselves of it.  Hope y’all like it as much as I!

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