A Few Words about the Great Addiction

America and friends have an addiction problem.  I know this isn’t news, but I suspect that there may be a lot of folks out there who think they understand but don’t truly understand.  So please allow me to clarify; there is a huge (really, really huge) addiction problem going on in the modern “civilized” world.  An addiction of greater scope than drugs or alcohol.   Looking at U.S. statistics, the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence states that one in twelve Americans suffer from alcoholism.  In addition to this, 8% of people twelve or older use drugs every month. PHstatsCombine these numbers and it seems like a lot of people out there have addictions, doesn’t it?  These numbers are nothing compared to what has swept across the land in the last decade or so.  What could possibly dwarf these numbers by comparison?  Porn.  Take a look at the stats on the left.

Did you wrap your mind around those numbers?  79 Billion videos viewed.  11 videos viewed for every person on Earth.  These numbers are staggering.  But wait, that’s not the whole story (not by a long shot).  These stats are from just one porn website.  Just one.  Are you starting to get the whole picture yet?  The truth is this – you know people addicted to pornography.  Some are non-christians who hide it out of shame and social standing, others are Christians who are struggling with it the way all true believers struggle with sin, by fleeing from it and mortifying their sin.

So now what?  Should we tell the truth of this matter loudly from the mountain-top, the truth that this sin is one of the most heinous to be released from the pit of Hell?  Should we warn others to recognize and flee from this flood that is overwhelming our society while sinking people into depravity here with eternal darkness to come?  Well, yes.  But don’t just preach law and punishment.  Most of those sunk in the mire know that it’s mire, so preach of the great rescue as well.  Preach of the forgiveness of sins to those who repent and believe,  For those who are Christian and already fleeing this flood, encourage them not by pointing out what they must keep avoiding (they already know that) but by pointing to the savior who paid such an incredible price to save them from their sins, including the sin of porn.  Meditating on the love and sacrifice of Christ does more toward sanctification then belittling condemnation (for the believer).  For the non-believer, the wrath and judgment to come must be taught so as to lead them to repentance.

I saw these stats while browsing a site called FightTheNewDrug.Org which is focused on combatting this addiction, The Great Addiction if I might call it that.  The way that pornography work on the brain is incredible in its’ destructive abilities.  The sin we inherited from Adam isn’t just a dark thought here and there or a few mild negative tendencies.  No, it is far more horrifying than that.  While the site isn’t written from a faith-based prerogative, it is worth reading the articles on the effect porn has on the brain.  Simply put, without Christ, addicts of this evil have almost no chance of breaking free.  It is incredible in its’ abilities.

So what is the point of this post?  There are three points, really…

1)  To raise awareness of how prevalent the problem truly is.  You know people struggling or indulging in this stuff.  Seriously – you do.  Please stop thinking of this sin as a problem in someone else’s neighborhood or church.  It’s all around you.

2)  This post also hopes to encourage true gospel-centered preaching rather than condescending remarks and attitudes.  Both law and gospel must be presented to those you suspect might be addicted.  Show those wallowing in sin not just the science-based end of their sin, but the eternal death that is the spiritual end.  Show them their sin in light of God’s purity and law, but then also present the gospel to shine the light of hope on their problem and let them know just how incredible this God is, the one they despise.

3)  Another goal of this article is to tell you this:  Take Heart!  If you are a Christian struggling with this deadly addiction (or any other addiction), there is hope!  The same one who created your body can heal it as His Holy Spirit leads you further from sin and raises you up in grace.  Remember that the creator who made you also humbled Himself to become as His creation, a man of weak flesh, that He might be tortured and killed so you could live.  When facing that sin that so easily enslaves us, remember that our Lord paid for that sin, He paid the punishment for every one of them.  He is omniscient, He knew of your sinful acts before you did.  He may be grieved by your sin but it’s impossible to surprise Him with it.  Take heart in this!  It means He knew of your depravity and still came to pay the price!  This does not mean we have freedom to sin, but instead that we have the freedom to be heartbroken about it as we pile more and more of it upon that blessed Cross.  Freedom to recognize sin and be horrified by it.  Freedom to run from it.  That is our freedom!  Forgiveness can be found even for the depraved person wallowing in the slimy pits of porn addiction.  Go forward living a life of repentance, turning from this and every sin every moment of every day while knowing that even after years of “being clean”, it will still be the blood of Christ that made you in right-standing before the Throne, not your improved behavior.

So, in closing, the message is this – preach law and gospel to those around you as well as yourself.  Why?  Because we are surrounded by depraved slaves.  We are all slaves to sin or righteousness, so do not treat too harshly those enslaved to this particular sin.  Just tell them what sin is and the rescue that was made to pull them from both the consequences and enslavement.  And then tell it to yourself as well.

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3 Comments on “A Few Words about the Great Addiction”

  1. chrisaomministries Says:

    Here is another article I wrote, that was the heart and soul of an addiction rehab course I taught for 2 years:https://chrisaomministries.wordpress.com/2014/08/01/freedom-from-addictions/


  2. chrisaomministries Says:

    Great article! Well written and informative! Thanks! If you like, read the article I wrote encouraging people to hunger for holiness: https://chrisaomministries.wordpress.com/2014/12/09/addicted-to-jesus/


  3. paul the slave Says:

    Reblogged this on Fishing For Men and commented:
    Very sobering to say the least. Are you addicted dear reader? Please read on. Pass it on and help those around you with this deadly addiction.


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