Comments from Beth’s Fans

February 19, 2015

American Church, False Religion

Some of the most read posts here at ChurchSalt have been posts on Beth Moore and the disturbing direction she is beginning to travel.  On these posts, and on other Beth Moore posts around the web, there’s usually a good number of Beth Moore supporters who leave comments showing they are either angry with any critique of their favorite teacher, or encouraging readers and authors to put aside differences in Christian love.  While this may sound noble and good, there are some disturbing assumptions behind comments like these.  Since I’m far better at pointing others to the writings of wise people instead of being wise myself, I would like to encourage you to visit Psalm 12 Outreach to read a recent post addressing the supporters of Beth Moore, and some of the arguments they make.  Click HERE to read the Psalm 12 article.

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One Comment on “Comments from Beth’s Fans”

  1. paul the slave Says:

    You are exposing their sin. They love to have someone like Moore or Osteen justify their lifestyle and sin (“Christian Liberty”), and when you shine the light of God’s truth on them, they will rear up and attack.

    To be expected and it should tell you that you are on the right track.

    Bless you bro!


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