Does This Offend You? Lifeway, CCM, Unity and More…

Prepared to be offended.  Now, when you watch this video you probably won’t find it offensive at all. Thoughtful, touching, and even a little weird at parts?  Yes.  But offensive?  No.  The woman talking is Roman Catholic actress Roma Downey…

While this little video certainly gets you thinking about what Mary must have felt on the day Jesus was crucified (I honestly don’t know how I could have handled what she went through) and it pulls on the heart-strings quite effectively, I found it profoundly disturbing.  Why?  Well, did you catch what she says starting at about the 1:20 mark? She states she has a “daily relationship with the blessed mother”.  Uhmmm…. Mary’s dead.  The Bible makes it really, really clear that talking to dead folks is forbidden and that anyone who practices such a thing is “detestable to the Lord”.  See Deuteronomy 18:11 if you don’t believe me.  So knowing that Ms. Downey is Roman Catholic, thereby having beliefs in direct contradiction with the teachings of God the Holy Spirit through the pen of Paul when he stated that salvation comes through faith alone, and now knowing that she is a medium (or is it a necromancer, I always get confused) I can now say with complete assurance that she isn’t a Christian.  That isn’t me judging her on my own criteria, that’s me exercising judgment on what she herself states and comparing it with God’s Word.  She embraces a system of works-salvation and talks to dead people (even has a relationship with one).

Some of you might be offended already, for those that aren’t, well, allow me to keep going…

The reason more of you might get offended is when I tell you who has been working with her on a recent project.  Look at the list below:

LifeWay Christian Resources, Voice of the Martyrs & Compassion International

Amy Grant, Petra & Mercy Me

Michael W. Smith, The Newsboys & Sandi Patti

Travis Cotrell, Steven Curtis Chapman & Dallas Holm and lots more…

See any familiar names?  Quite possibly you saw the name of your favorite singer or musical group.  Or maybe you noticed that LifeWay books was in that list.  They’re usually trusted to provide sound and useful Christian teachings, right?  Well, maybe not since that whole Heaven Tourism business, but I digress…  Now comes the scary part; The project these folks have been working on (just completed) is a concert celebrating Christian unity.  We Will Stand was a concert that reached millions and millions of people with the message that Christians should join together in unity without quibbling over the small secondary issues of the faith.  You know, issues like salvation and praying to dead people.  It was a call for tolerance and love that opened it’s arms to New Age teachers and heretics alike.  As far as I can see, this concert had more to do with the word “unity” than it has to do with the word “Christian”.  Please notice also that in addition to popular Christian groups and the LifeWay stores, there’s also the name Travis Cotrell in that list.  Cotrell is the worship leader who travels with Beth Moore. I have pointed out on this blog more than once that Beth Moore is now embracing other religions in the name of unity (and even telling us that God told her to do it- click HERE).  So what are we seeing here?  I submit to you that a great falling away, a great apostasy, is upon us.  Is it THE great apostasy of 2 Thessalonians?  Got me!  But I do know that we can now see the greater professing Christian world abandon all loyalty and adherence to the word of God as they strive not for holiness and devotion before their savior, but for unity and approval before other men.

So did you see the name of your favorite group, singer, teacher or store on that list?  Did it offend you?  I’ll be honest – I got offended!  I have long been a supporter of Voice of the Martyrs but their involvement in something like this profoundly disturbing.  A post like this should be offensive!  Every true believer should be offended by what is being done in Christs name and the pollution (corruption) of the church that is on full display here.  We should be offended that those people who provide resources we trust have no discernment whatsoever and teachers (musician teach through song, you know) are leading millions straight to Hell.  All in the name of unity and love.  In the name of Christ.  That IS offensive!

Now, if you’re offended because I’m picking on your favorite entertainer or speaker, I would challenge you to inspect your loyalties.  Who has your affection?  The singer that can stir spill tears during an emotional ballad or the savior that spilled blood to save you and deliver you from darkness?  If your loyalty is to Him, why bristle when those who would deceive you are exposed?  Am I really a “hateful blogger”  when I point out that the biggest names in Christian music are now working with New Age mystics?  Please don’t tell me that because a man or woman has a great voice and good rhythm that it’s okay if they endorse necromancers!  We haven’t gone that far down this trail of apostasy yet, have we?  Please say “no”…


NOTE:  Hat tip to LightHouse Trails Research blog.  I learned much of this material from their recent post on the subject.  I encourage you to read their article HERE.  They go into far more detail on the teachings of Roma Downey, as well as who all was at the event (a full list can be found HERE).  If you think I’m being a bit harsh, I encourage you to read their post.

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5 Comments on “Does This Offend You? Lifeway, CCM, Unity and More…”

  1. Joe Says:

    Please keep telling the “truth” about how deceived and sick the so-called Christian Church is. I do not even call me myself a Christian any more because everyone that has some type of spiritual experience is a Christian. I refer to myself as a Believer. Then most will ask what that means. I can tell them that I am a Believer in Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God who came to earth and suffered and died for our sins and rose again so that we may be forgiven and have eternal life through belief in Him. Most are pushing the untrue fact that Catholics worship the same Jesus that we as Believer’s do. Being an ex-catholic, I can tell you 100% that is not true! God Bless your stand for Jesus!!!


    • ChurchSalt Says:

      I vaguely remember a group of missionaries (wish I could remember who) in Asia a few years back couldn’t call themselves “Christian” because of who they would then be associated with in the eyes of the townsfolk. The dilemma was solved for them in that the townspeople came up with a new name for them when they recognized the difference in the message and lives of the missionaries. The residents started calling them “the repenters” because that is what they preached and how they they lived. In my mind, I think it would be a great honor to have unbelievers label me by the biblical message I preach and the holy life I live! Sadly, that’s not what unbelievers see in the modern evangelical world – not by a long shot!


  2. Eliza Says:

    This is the state of the church today and the lead up to this apostasy has been going on for a long, long time. We, my husband and I, had a similar story when we tried to warn the leadership of a church we attended in private about the heresy of C. S. Lewis, a darling of the evangelical community. There is so much more that is occurring that is just as sinister and evil, it is heart wrenching. About Ms. Downey, she has been interacting with a demon since a young age and sorely deceived. She then deceives others and leads them astray. Thank you for this godly expose. God bless you:)


    • ChurchSalt Says:

      C.S. Lewis certainly has some goofy stuff out there. I know most Christian readers of the Narnia series tend to gloss over the fact that at the end of the last book (a picture of judgment day) a young man was admitted to paradise on good works even after a life of pledging devotion to the Satan character. Not exactly salvation in Christ alone and not through works now is it? He does have a few writings that seem to be solid, and I’m not sure how his life progressed so it’s my hope that he came to a true and saving faith later in his life and will be with us in eternity. I would like to think that’s the case, but really have no clue. I know his material is mired and unsafe to point out to new believers, though. The crazy part of the current CCM scene is a lot of professing christians can have the issues pointed out and just don’t care. The music is good and they’re going to listen regardless. In my eyes CCM is no safer than secular music. Like you said, there’s so much evil in the professing church it makes your head spin. When Jesus returns, will He find faith on Earth?


      • Eliza Says:

        What is interesting and sad about evangelical leadership is they supposedly have a few years of following Christ as a foundation and yet they accept Lewis as a true Christian. I find that amazing considering that Lewis was aligned with the High Anglican church and believed in and taught baptismal regeneration, purgatory, error in the Scriptures, theistic evolution, unbelievers can be saved through religious works, Christ did not take our punishment on the cross, there is no hell, the Fall is a myth, etc. When Lewis fell ill he had extreme unction performed by a priest, this was a few short years prior to his death . Back to the evangelicals who accept and support him as a believer, John MacArthur knows that Lewis believed in purgatory, yet said he was a Christian. That is just one of his many heresies, but this one denies the sufficiency of Christ’s death upon the cross for our sins and teaches that we must do something to secure our place in heaven. This is gross blasphemous heresy. Most who know what Lewis believed and taught, and are not caught up in the evangelical network, doubt that he was saved. He never had a clear testimony of repentant faith in Christ.


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