Rebellion (and Thor) Will Find a Way!

February 4, 2015

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thorIn the “you can’t make this stuff up” file I recently came across an interesting article.  It seems as though a new temple is being built to worship the Norse pagan gods.  You know, Thor, Odin and all the rest?  Not too long ago Marvel comics started using some of these figures in their super-hero movies, but folks in Iceland are putting a lot more hope in these mythical figures than Marvel’s movie makers.  Whereas Marvel is counting on these fictitious characters to make them rich, this new generation of pagans is counting on them to save their souls.  The high priest of the new temple has made the statement that nobody believes in the gods as actual personal entities, but are worshipping them as poetic metaphors that represent human psychology.  So now we worship metaphors?  Every time I think I’ve heard it all when it comes to ways humans convince themselves the God of the Bible doesn’t exist I get surprised.  It seems there’s no end to the creativity of sinful men in justifying and even celebrating their sinful lusts and passions.

At least the pagan priest is right about one thing, they truly are worshipping an outward manifestation of man’s mind and heart.  Scripture tells us in Jeremiah that the heart of men and women are “deceitfully wicked” and shouldn’t be trusted.  Yet these pagans look at their heart, that is their thoughts, passions, and hopes then worship a metaphor designed to represent their collective psychology.  I would like to laugh it off.  After all, how could any movement focusing all attention and devotion inwardly last very long?  But then I think of how far the “Purpose Driven” movement has come (you know, the christian version of following the dreams of our own wicked heart) and I’m forced to consider that maybe this movement will grow.  Who knows?  Maybe we’ll see a “40-day Viking Diet” plan come from Norse Publishing House.  Or how about a “Hammer out Your Best Life Now” book complete with illustrations of Thor.  I guess when it comes to worship of self, the possibilities are endless…


Read about the new pagan temple by visiting The Guardian – CLICK HERE

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