The Future Now: Homosexuality and the Government

No longer will Christians talk about the coming days when various arms of government here in the U.S. will hunt down pastors and prosecute those who disagree with their humanist views. The day has come.  Pastors in Houston, TX have been ordered to submit all sermons and emails mentioning topics or keywords that the city has decided to monitor under threat of fine,  imprisonment or both if they don’t comply.  Reminiscent of a rather infamous European government from about 90 years ago, isn’t it?  Click HERE to read the full account.  When you’re done reading, ask yourself where you willing to stand when this rising tide reaches your own door (and it will). Also ask what you have been doing to prepare your children for what’s coming, or are football games and Halloween costumes all that time allows?  Time to sober up folks…

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2 Comments on “The Future Now: Homosexuality and the Government”

  1. doreen Says:

    They might listen to these sermons, get convicted, and get saved.

    Yes, I know it’s almost impossible, but still, my mind works like that.

    God bless.


  2. Joe D'Angelo Says:

    Father Forgive them, for they know not what they do!!!


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