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Are Roman Catholics Saved?

October 24, 2014


Thorough coverage of the subject in a talk by John MacArthur.  Check it out…

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Beth Moore – Ready for Launch!

October 20, 2014


Beth Moore has a new course plotted and is preparing to head out!  Sadly, it’s a predictable and tragic destination that she’s chosen.  Regular readers will know that it has long been my view that Beth Moore has two dangerous positions in her theology.  First, she feels comfortable with having conversations with God, whether it […]

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The Future Now: Homosexuality and the Government

October 15, 2014


No longer will Christians talk about the coming days when various arms of government here in the U.S. will hunt down pastors and prosecute those who disagree with their humanist views. The day has come.  Pastors in Houston, TX have been ordered to submit all sermons and emails mentioning topics or keywords that the city […]

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