Pastor Challenges ISIS to a God-Fight

I’m not going to say a lot to about this video.  I think it’ll be more interesting to just throw it out there and see what y’all think about it.  It seems American pastor Bill Keller believes he can call down fire in an Old Testament style showdown with one of the world’s more infamous muslims.  You know, like Elijah did with the prophets of Baal.  The really interesting part comes in around the 7 minute mark.  Listen to his “gospel” preaching and his challenge and then leave a comment.  I’d love to find out what others think about this.  The only thought I’ll throw out there right now is this:  If you’re going to challenge one of the world’s most dangerous and radical murderers, maybe remove the fuzzy brown bunny on the desk behind you first so it isn’t in the video.  It somehow has a minimizing effect on the legitimacy of the message.  Just saying…

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6 Comments on “Pastor Challenges ISIS to a God-Fight”

  1. We Are 'N' Says:

    Hmmm…interesting video. One word comes to mind…idiot! This is why the world laughs at us and disregards us as fools.

    This happened in July…funny, I didn’t hear of the outcome.
    His plan of salvation is nothing but the typical, give Jesus a chance, let Him into your heart, make Him Lord and He will be sooo happy, that He will make you rich and successful and best of all–you get to go to heaven!

    Thanks Joe! I have to go out and chop some wood now…grrr


    • ChurchSalt Says:

      Reminded me of that pastor a few years ago who drown trying to walk on water as a demonstration of God’s power and his faith.


      • paul the slave Says:

        This kind of false Christianity makes me upset, because the world sees it and laughs! They, in their blindness, don’t ever seem to realize that that is not genuine Christianity. Like that third eagle nut and his irritating songs….man, I had his song in my head for days… 😦

        Did you ever find out what happened with this charlatan? Be interesting to see him “turn his back on the Christian faith and convert to Islam”…they can have him!


        • ChurchSalt Says:

          What?!?? I like 3rd Eagles “gloom and doom” song. Its my ringtone!!

          I’m on the road right now but might do some follow-up research when I get back to see how it turned out. I suspect the whole thing just quietly went away.


          • paul the slave Says:

            Figures…you Texans! I suppose you’re right. maybe he’s recruiting for ISIS…

            There’s just so much of this, and with social media these days, any old kook can get his message out.


  2. paul the slave Says:

    Reblogged this on We Are 'N'.


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