You are the I AM

Blasphemy1I’m not intentionally trying to pick on Joel Osteen this month, but I have rarely seen something as insidious and well, satanic, as this latest campaign from the smiling motivator.  It is a fairly well-known fact that the God of the Bible, when asked His name, gave the answer that He is the “I AM”.  Go look it up in Exodus 3:14 if you aren’t familiar with this conversation.  And it isn’t just in Exodus that “I AM” statements can be found, either.  There is a thread of them running through Scripture and even Jesus Himself used this term as His identity and claim to deity (click HERE if you have never studied the ones found in the Gospel of John).  But instead of studying these statements and learning the truth of what they teach, Joel Osteen has taken the title of “I Am” away from God and reassigned it…to you!  In the same way the serpent took the eyes of Adam & Eve off of God and got them instead envisioning how they themselves could be even greater, Osteen is trying to take the eyes of his followers off of God and get them envisioning themselves as better people using “I AM” statements.  It is Osteen’s teaching that statements such of these have some form of power behind them to alter one’s reality, a teaching found in Eastern religions and quite foreign to Scripture (unless, of course, a verse is pulled from context and redefined).  No longer is God the great “I AM”, it is now Osteen and his followers that claim that title.  Wow!!!

Do you know somebody who holds Osteen in high regard?  Talk to them!!  But be warned, simply slandering their favorite teacher does nothing but raise their defenses and actually endear them to him.  Take the time to write down a comparison of how Osteen uses Scripture compared to what that Scripture really says in context and send it to them.  I could provide links for you to where this has already been done, but I don’t want to!  Why?  If you do it yourself you will be far more knowledgeable when your friend wants to talk to you about it.  A 50-page research project isn’t usually necessary, just a short note or email of concern and a few examples.  Do this a few times.  Often a steady drip of truth will wake someone up in the same manner that false teachers use a steady drip of lies to put someone asleep.


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4 Comments on “You are the I AM”

  1. Manfred Says:

    As one pastor observed a while back, Joel Osteen (and his ilk) are God’s judgment on the people who want their ears tickled! Just as foretold by the Lord in 2 Tim 4:3.


  2. Eliza Says:

    Joel is a false teacher leading the lost to certain damnation. It is so important that we stand up for the truth of God’s Word and warn others to turn away from this false teacher. God bless you:)


  3. ingrid Says:

    Please Joel get your act together before you have to stand before God and explain yourself.


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