Michael Bloomberg’s Conservative Christian Connection

agreementMichael Bloomberg isn’t usually associated with being in lock-step with the majority of the conservative Christian voting block.  At least, not to my understanding.  But in a recent interview, Michael Bloomberg made a statement I found interesting in two different ways.  With the afterlife gaining prominence in his mind (he is 72 years old), Bloomberg had this to say, “I am telling you if there is a God, when I get to heaven I’m not stopping to be interviewed. I am heading straight in. I have earned my place in heaven. It’s not even close” – (read full interview HERE).  I know shouldn’t be surprised as I am fully aware that most people think like this.  I know most folks believe that if they do deeds they consider to be good it will somehow blot out the deeds that they consider to be bad.  Like Bloomberg, professing Christians hold this belief to some degree in a down-deep inside place.  But even knowing how people think, every time I see a statement like this it surprises me and slaps me in the face.  Bad deeds are sin, and sin is simply the breaking of God’s law.  Sin is crime and we need to think of how crime and punishment work – A murderer isn’t acquitted of his crime simply because he has done good deeds since his last killing.  A parking ticket isn’t dismissed because the offender has parked correctly for a few weeks since he received it.  Even a child knows that if she breaks a window in the house she will be in trouble regardless of how good she is the rest of the day.  We all know that crime must be punished under the law for justice to be maintained and yet somehow when it comes to the afterlife Bloomberg and millions like him think the rules change.  They don’t.  The judge is just and crime must be punished.

Another interesting aspect of this article is that Mr. Bloomberg looks to his political activity for his righteousness.  While he is on the liberal/democrat side of the American political landscape and the majority of Christians here in this country are on the opposing side, many Christian men and women are in danger of falling into the same trap.  How many Christians believe that active and vocal promotion of the Pro-Life Movement, a monthly donation to Focus on the Family, and consistent Republican voting in the polling box somehow earns them points with God?  How many professing Christians vocally acknowledge on Sunday that salvation comes through grace alone but show through the passion in their weekday conversations that their true belief is that righteousness is found in political positions, activities and movements?  How many have never even once shared the justice of God and the atoning death of Christ with a coworker but have loudly condemned liberal politicians from the rooftops?  These are rhetorical questions, as most professing Christians will be forced to admit that this type of guilt is widespread.

With his political merit-based ideas of salvation Mr.  Bloomberg shows himself to be in a very dangerous place.  And it is precisely here that he is has commonality with a huge segment of the conservative evangelical Christian voting block.   The vast majority of today’s Christians are unable to give a biblical answer when asked as to the content of the gospel message.  Most view the gospel message as the “good news” that we have another chance to love God and love others, something that none of us have (or ever will) been able to fulfill.  Most answers will somehow be merit-based and reflect views (often political and social in nature) of what we must do to attain salvation rather than what Christ has already done to win it on our behalf.   What about you?  Have you, Mr. and Mrs. Blog Reader, seen sin for what it is (a crime against God) and turned from all sin, even your favorite ones?  Have you called out in desperation to Jesus Christ, begging that the payment He made be applied to your account so that you might be saved and the name of the just judge not be compromised?  Does your life reflect the change that comes about when a person is truly saved and made into a new creature, with your deeds showing you are led by the Spirit of a Holy God?  Are your passions for Christ, or for man’s political movements?  Please consider these things as you go.

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