Christians in the News

It seems the news is getting more and more interesting – in a bad way – as time goes on.  Take a look at a few recent articles and see if you notice anything they have in common.  Be careful as you read these – some of them might shock you!

Christian decides if following God can be lived out by others, or should be done as a mental exercise only:   Jan Brewer, professing Christian (Lutheran)  and governor of Arizona must decide whether or not to sign a bill into law that will allow Christians running businesses free choice as to how they conduct business based on their religious convictions.  It seems Mrs. Brewer is torn regarding this decision, as outwardly following religious convictions will have serious political ramifications, and so might not be the best thing for her party (Republican) and her career.  Read more about it HERE.

Christians decide to kill their children:   This article is specifically about “black” women in New York city (I use quotation marks around the word “black” because all people are varying degrees of brown.  There really aren’t people of another color, when you think about it).  This particular demographic chose to have more abortions last year than live births.  You heard right – more children were killed than were born by “black” women living in New York.  If that doesn’t shock you, it should.  There are a lot of religious polls out there but all of them show that well over 50% of this same group claim to be Christian.  So right now in New York, more “Christian black women” kill their children then those who let them live.  You can read more HERE, if you have the stomach for it.

Christian woman decides to cover chest for husband’s career:   In a recent interview with Fox News, Cassie Chapman (wife of Christian singer Gary Chapman) had this to say about modesty, “I was a Hooters girl when Gary met me. Obviously, I had some cleavage showing, but when you get older or married—we have a baby now—it’s time to be a little more conservative and for his line of work I can’t be like that anymore. I respect my husband.” It seems that in the Chapman household that morals are decided by age, marital status, and of course the impact it will have on the income.  Recognizing sin and turning from it doesn’t seem to make the list when it comes to motivation for godliness.  Nor does the price Christ had to pay to redeem people from sin.  But image and money?  Now there’s some motivation!  Read more HERE.

Christian athlete hears from God in his head & communicates with him using numbers:   Adam Muema, a football player (running-back) from San Diego University and candidate for the NFL has stated that his career advisor is none other than the Lord Himself.  Rather than following God through His written Word, Mr. Muema uses direct conversation and the use of numbers to divine the will of his Manager-in-the-Sky.  Never mind the 90+ places in Scripture that such sorcery type activities are soundly condemned, he has found a system and it works (according to him).  Read about this one HERE.

Notice a pattern here?  The highest authority in the lives of these professing Christians is the professing Christian themselves.  There seems to be no regard whatsoever for the will of God as shown in His Word, but instead all decisions are to be man-centered and made according to the feelings, goals, and affections of the one making the decision.  In short, the “Christian” life is now lived by focusing on the felt needs of the believer rather than the truths proclaimed by the Creator.  While many of these news bites and others like them are often met with surprise, they shouldn’t be!  We are only witnessing the natural result of modern preaching.  The vast majority of today’s sermons focus on the needs of the listener instead of the doctrines (truths) of God.  Whether it be marriage, money, sex, child rearing or whatever else, the modern sermon is almost always topical.  A snippet of Scripture is read with a nugget of truth from that passage then being presented as a cure for an area of life that needs improvement.  The needs of the listener is always the focus.  Purpose-driven churches are a perfect example of this model.  Churches formatted in this way are fond of teaching that we are to listen to our heart’s desires as they are instilled there by God to help us find our life purpose, a purpose we are then to pursue whole-heartedly.  While the Bible teaches us that our hearts are “deceitfully wicked” and untrustworthy (see Jeremiah 17:9), the modern preacher instead insists this isn’t the case and the heart is instead a God-given compass to point the way.  The Word is no longer a lamp unto our feet, instead our sinful hearts have replaced it at the urgings of a pastor.

With the “Christian” landscape flooded with topical sermons, prosperity preachers and purpose-driven churches, can we truly be surprised when we read that professing Christians have placed themselves and their needs as the highest authority in their lives?  No, we cannot.  These articles shouldn’t be surprising at all.  Gone is the fear of God, expositional preaching, and the preaching of the true Biblical gospel (repentance and forgiveness of sins in Jesus’ name).  No longer do we hear the truth that a true Christian obeys God out of a desire to do so and not for the sake of reward, image or conformity.  And where now are the men who stand up with a loud voice and boldly contend that the Word of God is correct, it is enough, and it is the authority?  They are rarely to be found.  Until there is a change in the pulpits, we can expect more stories like the one’s above.  Today, the people who call themselves the people of God are truly like their forefathers before them.  Long ago the people of Israel did the same thing, professing to be the people of God but living as though there were no higher authority than themselves. 

Judges 21:25 – “In those days there was no king in Israel. Everyone did what was right in his own eyes.”

I wonder if anyone remembers how well it worked out for them?

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