The Heart of the Bill Nye and Ken Ham Debate

February 5, 2014

Random Thoughts

Those of you who follow such things probably know about this debate between devout agnostic and proponent of evolution Bill Nye (“The Science Guy”) and Ken Ham who is known for his work in creation science and the Creation Museum in Kentucky.  Rather than go into the back-and-forth blows I thought I would direct your attention to the video itself as well as a great summary of the event written by Albert Mohler who was seated in the front row.  Mohler has proven himself time and time again to be an incredibly thorough and insightful modern thinker of our day, and this article bolsters that reputation even more.  The debate wasn’t about evidence.  It never is.  It’s about how evidence is viewed and the worldview of those that view it.  The crazy part is that so many people (especially in the evolutionist camp – sorry) dogmatically hold that a scientist has no worldview or presuppositions.  This notion is absurd.  Every person alive has them and Nye and Ham are no different.  It was these views and presuppositions that were the focal point of the debate.  Rather than writing more on this myself, I will simply provide a link to Mohler’s article and encourage you to watch the video and read Mohler’s analysis.

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