The Children Eat our Fruit

This post isn’t about what you see as you watch the above video.  But I will say that this video is sad – really sad.  This child is blindly devoted to a satanic counterfeit god of hate and it’s heartbreaking to watch.  But this post isn’t about him.  Nor is this post about religious devotion and fervor.  While the child is indeed an excited devotee and I could point out, as many have, that his desire to die for his god is stronger than most Christian’s desire to live for theirs, I won’t.  A post like that really wouldn’t be surprising, though.  If you think about it, every other religion out there has an energizing, driving motive that is missing in Christianity.  What motive?  Every religion other than biblical Christianity teaches that one must perform certain exercises to be saved from the punishment of a just judge (god).  They all have a different set of boxes to be checked, but they are all box-based and so this driving desire to earn God’s favor pushes their followers into all sorts of frenzied, merit-based activities just like this kid.  But the true Christian is one who recognizes that they can’t earn anything (including a pardon) because good deeds don’t pay for bad deeds.  Justice doesn’t work that way.  Justice demands that punishment follows crime (sin).  The true Christian doesn’t live an energized merit-based life but a life of quiet, humble gratitude for being saved by God’s grace alone and not because of something they’ve done or a religious exercise they have chosen to perform.  They know they were saved by another and are usually in a respectful awe of that fact.  But this post isn’t about any of that either.

So what is this post about?  This post is about what you can’t see in the video.  While it doesn’t show on film, this child has received countless hours of instruction and teaching in the ways and beliefs of his sad religion.  It’s obvious, right?  This kid didn’t press the pause button while watching  “Veggie Tales” and decide to suddenly convert to Islam.  He was taught these things by adults who are devoted followers.  How do we know they’re devoted?  How do we know they truly believe the teachings of Mohammed?  Watch the video!  They spent a LOT time, energy and resources to raise this child up in their beliefs so that when he is older he will not depart from them.  And so now, at the very end of this short post I come to the point, although my point today is actually a question for the Christian parent:

If your son or daughter made a video about their beliefs, would their statements truly line up with Scripture?  Would they be passionate for the one true God?  Why not?

Like I said, this post isn’t about the kid in this video, it’s about parents.  Christian parents.  If we truly love our children we teach them life’s most critical lessons, right?  Of course we do!  So if we aren’t teaching our children about sin, justice, the wages of sin and the incredibly hard-to-believe news of divine blood being offered on our behalf, what does that say of us?  If you aren’t teaching your kids Scripture I can think of only two reason why (warning – this is harsh):

1.   You don’t love your child, and so don’t really care if they come to know the Lord or where they spend eternity.  At this suggestion you are aghast and offended, and well you should be!  I am guessing few or none of those who read this fall into this category.

2.   You don’t truly believe what you say you believe.  If you love them you teach them the truly important things.  Did you already tell them not to run out into traffic?  Why?  To save their life and keep them safe?  Of course!  You believe it’s dangerous for a child to play on a busy street and so you already discussed this issue with them.  Or did you decide to wait until busy streets were covered as a safety topic at school?  No, you didn’t wait.  It was too important wasn’t it?  A parent always covers the truly critical things.

So how many times have you read through Scripture with your kids?  Please don’t tell me that you think putting in “Veggie Tale” episodes and maybe a “Hermie & Wormie” movie will cover it.  Those teach nothing but morality and how to go out and be good (it almost borders on teaching them how to earn favor with God, doesn’t it?  How to check boxes maybe??)  And please don’t tell me you are going to trust the 21-year-old youth leader with gel in his hair to tell your kids the most important thing they will ever hear. And PLEASE, PLEASE don’t leave it up to the old, grey-haired guy at church who tries to talk cool and be one-of-the-guys with your kids – something is wrong there and I don’t have time to get into it.  You didn’t wait to tell your kids about other important items, right?  Why aren’t you teaching them God’s Word now?  Lack of love or lack of belief?  While I highly encourage every Christian parent reading this to carefully examine their faith and their parenting (regardless the age of your child), what first needs to be answered is the question “Why?”  What we feel is important and how we spend our time is simply part of our fruit.  So why haven’t you been reading Scripture to your kids, explaining sound doctrine and teaching them the gospel?  What does that say about you?  What kind of fruit are your kids eating these days?

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