Spotlight On… Some Unexpected Treasure

spotlightPuritans.  Thanks to a lot of media bashing combined with very few accurate and unbiased historical teachers the Puritans are usually seen as fanatical legalists who focused on a lengthy lists of what you aren’t allowed to do.  Strict, miserable nut cases is how most people have been taught to view them.  Just the fact that secular history despises them so intensely should make you wonder if maybe there isn’t possibly something godly and good about this past movement, doesn’t it?  Myself, I had a few people here and there recommend some of the Puritan writings and I have to say…Wow!  The vast majority of their writings are saturated with Scripture (correctly interpreted) and overflowing with a love and devotion to God that makes modern writers (including myself) look like children in comparison.  The charges of legalism seem to have stemmed from the high priority the Puritans placed on godly living.  But these charges carry no weight, as in every book I have read so far the author has gone through detailed effort to make it clear that we are not to live in holiness so as to earn God’s favor, but rather because God has already shown it in the salvation of His people.

This is a short post, and one intended to simply point others to this incredible treasure I have found in the writings of the Puritans.  In God’s providence, He has raised up a publishing group called “Puritan Paperbacks” that reprints their writings in modern english at a very affordable price.  In addition to those books there is now also available my very-most-favorite-ever Puritan book!  Written by William Gurnall it is titled “The Christian in Complete Armor” and is published as a three-part set.  If this book doesn’t make you stop to think, pray and weep at every page I don’t know of another that will!  If you have never given the Puritan writings a try, I highly suggest you do so soon.  You won’t regret it!

You can pick up some Puritan Paperbacks over at Monergism, or “A Christian in Complete Armor” at Amazon.

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