A Rear-View Mirror of ChurchSalt 2013

Okay, here it is – a list of the most popular ChurchSalt articles and posts of 2013 (commit them to memory, you may need to know them when playing the soon-to-be-released ChurchSalt Trivia game).  The top five most-read posts (listed in ascending order to build suspense) are as follows:

Number 5  Have you Met the Grey God?

Number 4  More Trouble Sign from Beth Moore

Number 3  Beth Moore’s Blurry Hindsight

Number 2  Dave Ramsey has a Problem

Number 1  Beth Moore – Does She Teach the Word?

I have to be honest, this list depresses me a bit.  This blog isn’t focused on discernment and critique of popular Christian speakers, so to see that four of the top five posts pertain to famous Christian teachers gets me a bit discouraged.  The primary point of this blog is to challenge folks to compare their Christian beliefs and practices with those found in Scripture, something that very few people ever take the time to do.  Granted, sometimes this is done by pointing out the errors popular teachers are promoting, but that isn’t the driving purpose behind this blog.  Self-examination and the presentation of the true biblical gospel to professing Christians is what makes my heart beat faster.  So often the beliefs of modern professing Christian’s differs from Scripture, and the vast majority of what passes as Christian teaching is focused on what we must do for our Lord rather than on what He did for us.  Warning the professing Christian community of false teachings, using those teachings to call people to examine their belief’s according to Scripture, and encourage folks to think for themselves about what the Bible says are really the goals here, not discernment ministry itself.  So while I have no regrets about these popular posts, I guess I wish a few different ones made the most-read list.  Below are a few of the articles I wish were popular here at ChurchSalt:

Is Asking Jesus into our Hearts Biblical? – I have been beating this drum for a while now, and don’t plan to stop anytime soon.  Asking Jesus “into our hearts” is preached as the biblical gospel every day, but it really (really, really) needs to be examined in light of Scripture.  I wish more folks were reading this one!

Turning Crosses of Condemnation into Bold Evangelism – This another drum I beat a lot.  It examines the practice of preaching morality and condemnation but not the grace of the Cross.  This article looks at that issue by examining abortion ministry.

American Church, Without Vision & People are Perishing – This is a very short post that gets to the point.  What point?  Most modern sermons ignore proper biblical interpretation and focus on man rather than Christ.

Audio Sermon Page – Lots of people click to go there, but very few listen to the sermons.  Why?  I have no clue!  These are short, biblical sermons that get right to the point.  They don’t aim at fixing your finances, sex life or self-esteem but rather focus on Christ and Him crucified.  Wait a minute…maybe I’m starting to understand why they aren’t popular…

Anyway, my point is this – have you examined your beliefs to see if what you call Christian is what the Bible calls Christian?  Maybe you are thinking to yourself “I know I’m a true Christian, I did everything I’m supposed to – I made sure of it”.  Guess what?  You just admitted that you think salvation is earned by doing something (even a prayer is “doing something”, so is walking an isle, getting baptized, etc.)  The message of Christ to the lost is this “repent and believe”.  Trust His work on the Cross to pay for all sin, and for your obedience to add nothing to your salvation.  Obedience doesn’t save or keep you saved, it is by His grace through faith in Christ’s work alone.  Repent of sin – ALL sin.  Turn from every one of them, even your favorites.  Read some of the posts listed above and throughout the site.  Think for yourself!  If you have nagging doubts and fears, don’t dismiss them!  Instead, bow your knees in prayer and search the Scriptures to see what it says about salvation, holiness and all the rest.  Read 1st John, it was written so that you might know if you know Him.

To all who read this – Happy New Year!!  Thanks for stopping by today and throughout 2013.  I hope you come back soon!

– Joe

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6 Comments on “A Rear-View Mirror of ChurchSalt 2013”

  1. Ingrid Says:

    I just love your blog and it is so refreshing to have someone on the internet like you to bring out the truth. Please keep going until the Lord comes( which I also think is nearer than we think) Please let it be so. Happy New Year.


  2. The Master's Slave Says:

    Happy New Year ol’ friend. I have to tell you that your list doesn’t surprise me at all. Even though, I would hope that people were coming to my blog for spiritual meat, but alas, they resort in being tickled. People are people and they like the juicy stuff. i have a very small few that come and comment and you know full well they are saved and desire the meat, but most don’t. My biggest post last year was the update on Dallas Wiens. Even though that’s great and all, my many posts (even the ones that were re-posts) were good. Most were excited and intrigued over Dallas Wien’s before and after pictures.

    All we can do, you and I and others like us is to continue to plug away, pray and post as we feel led. It’s up to God where He wants to lead our readers.

    God bless you bro and hope all is well with you and your family.


    • ChurchSalt Says:

      Well there you are! I was thinking of you just a few hours ago. I read an article that (unfortunately) reminded me of some of your past battles (read HERE). You always warned me that the CPS here in the States would soon get out of hand, and I sure wish I could tell you how wrong you were, but you weren’t. Whether it be fighting persecution with children in the balance, running a blog, spending your time building up your local church, or whatever, one thing is clear: The days are now upon us that our Christian faith and witness will be challenged and will bring God glory. The faith of the believer is no longer ignored and minimalized, and because of this God will get some of the glory He deserves. We live in interesting times!

      Keep in touch my friend! I need more back-wood Canadiens in my life to keep all this crazy Southern influence in proper perspective! May God keep you and you family.


      • The Master's Slave Says:

        Yep! It’s getting bad out there and in a quick hurry too. It wouldn’t surprise me if we were further along the path to Christ’s return than we think…let’s hope so, huh?

        Just an update…we moved…north. Very north. Like three feet of snow and cougars and deer walking through our property north. It’s beautiful, clean and peaceful. Just going out to try some ice fishing in the next couple of days with my new neighbour.

        I can send some pics if you want and then you can get back to your heat and sizzle.

        BTW…I am familiar with that family as we recently read the story about their struggles. Unfortunately, they worked hand and glove with the enemy and now they are getting burned. It’s scary and wonderful to see how God is raising us up to battle. Onward and upward!


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