Signs of the End…Really?

clockWith this post I am going to break one of my own rules, and that is to discuss end-times (and all related signs, theories & doctrines) on this blog.  In the past, I have found that this subject often brings out a lot of kooks, crazies, and borderline psychos not to mention those folks who are really nice solid Christians but have a LOT more time for online discussion than myself.  I have found that things concerning the “last days” are a subject for which many people have an excited (unhealthy?) zeal.  I wish as many folks had the same zeal for God’s glory and the message of the Gospel!  That being said, here is my short and hopefully one-time post on end-times…

My post today is really more of a question; Have you ever truly looked into any end-times views other than what you have been taught?  Over the last few years I have encountered an amazing number of people who believe in a rebuilt temple, restored sacrifices, and a rapture that is followed by a 1000 year earthly reign of Christ who have never once stopped to look Scripture and consider the views they have been handed.  There are other views of the often-discussed passages regarding the last days, and some of them make a lot of sense!  I know that this last statement will irritate many, and will probably bring some comments explaining why this view of the last days is irrefutable fact and I am in horrible sin for even questioning it.  But my view and your view really isn’t what I am talking about here.  What I am talking about is whether or not you have spent time trying to understand other views in an unbiased way and judging them on their merit and how they align with Scripture.  If you haven’t, you should!  To spend so much time and energy on analyzing signs, reading books and working up an apprehension surrounding current events without ever having taken the time to truly study isn’t wise.  If you have extensively studied the subject and have firmly established your views, I’m really not talking to you today (even if your view differs from mine).  I am simply trying to encourage you the reader to spend some time examining your views with a Bible in hand.

If you would like to take my suggestion and listen to some solid well thought out teachings from a view you may not be familiar with, may I suggest a series of audio teachings by Kim Riddlebarger?  On the right-hand side of Riddlebarger’s blog RiddleBlog about halfway down are a series of teachings labeled Amillennialism 101.  If you have never taken the time to visit Scripture carefully and thoroughly in relation to end-times events, this series would be a great way to do so.  I know I am running under the assumption most readers aren’t familiar with Amillennialism, and the reason for that is my own personal experience and observation.  Practically every church on every corner here in the U.S. teaches Premillennialism complete with the rebuilt temple and restored sacrifices.  It seems the Left Behind series is almost accepted as divine revelation.  Please understand, I’m not pointing a finger at any one view of the end-times and calling it perfect while calling all others heresy.  I am simply encouraging you to take a look at some other points of view that rarely get much attention.

If the Lord tarries long enough for you to finish, I think you will find such studying profitable!


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4 Comments on “Signs of the End…Really?”

  1. Joe Says:

    So far, all I have seen is another preacher selling books.


    • ChurchSalt Says:

      Go to the right side and about halfway down to a list titled “Amillennialism 101″ — Audio and On-Line Resources”. All of those audio files and resources are free. The posts on this blog are often quite interesting as well (also free).


  2. Richard Says:

    Boy, are you gonna be in trouble when God’s prophet Lindsey reads this heresy!!! 😛

    One thing I do agree with when discussing end times is that we don’t know. I don’t believe that Isaiah, Jeremiah and certainly the Apostle John knew precisely what they were being shown so I do find it interesting how we make “doctrine” out of prophesy.
    I enjoy reading prophetic passages as they intrigue me greatly and fires the imagination, however I have long ago stopped preaching end times to the masses as I really don’t know what’s gonna happen and I don’t really concern myself with it any longer.
    I take greater comfort that God DOES know and His time is the right time whether I wish it that way or not.
    All I know is “that I am a great sinner, and Christ is a great Saviour.”
    LORD bless you guys in your ministry.



    • ChurchSalt Says:

      Hey Rich,
      Glad to see I’m not the only guy online who isn’t worked up too awful tight about the end-times! Myself, I actually got to a point to where I didn’t bother with it at all because of the uncertainty and how zealous/angry folks would get when discussing it. But then I got convicted of my neglect of passages that were as inspired as the rest of Scripture and put there for a reason. After a fair bit of looking into it I believe I’ve learned quite a bit, but there is simply no way to arrive at an absolute, positive “this is it” view of all of it. One thing I am certain of is that these folks running around promoting end-times teachings as a career are so far off the mark I can’t help but wonder if they’ve ever actually read the Bible (Perry Stone comes to mind). Anyway, my eschatology discussions are now mostly limited to mature Christians who are close friends. As you stated, we have been saved by a great God and so the ending of it all is in good hands. He will hold on to His people because, however it ends, we are too weak to hold onto Him.

      Thanks for stopping by!


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