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Evolution VS God

September 24, 2013


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Spotlight On…Simeon Trust!

September 20, 2013


Exactly how is the modern Christian preacher or teacher to study, understand and preach or teach accurately from the Word of God?  It isn’t easy you know!  The Bible is an ancient and complex set of documents from a culture that is completely alien to us today.  Are we to just intuitively pick up these skills from […]

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Ths Gospel Message isn’t Rocket Surgery

September 17, 2013


I thought that this video was a good reminder that the Gospel is a very simple message, and one that can be delivered in less than 2 minutes.  I think it takes Mr. Washer about  1 minute 30 seconds to get through it.  If you have built up in your mind that evangelism, the delivering […]

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American Church – Without Vision & People are Perishing

September 14, 2013


One of the things I have noticed the last few years is that here in the Bible Belt of the U.S. more and more pastors are using creativity and imagination in their sermons.  Not in the good way, which might be creative illustrations and new innovative methods of delivering the Gospel message.  No, the creativity […]

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Did Pope Francis Read “Love Wins”?

September 12, 2013


I am all sorts of confused today.  Regular visitors to this blog know that this isn’t a rare occurrence, but today  I’m taking my confusion and bewilderment to new uncharted heights that will surprise even them!  Last night I read the open letter recently put out by Pope Francis and published in an Italian newspaper […]

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Great Testimony YOU Need to See

September 4, 2013


I have posted this video more than once.  However, I noticed that lately not a lot of my visitors have clicked on it, so I am moving it back out front-and-center yet again.  Why?  Because it’s the account of a girl who told herself and everybody else that she was a Christian until one day […]

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