Ironic Christian Anger in Regards to Egypt

egypt  More and more publicity is being given to the fact that money coming directly from taxpayers here in the United States is being funneled to Egypt in the form of military aid.  Americans (including the average evangelical) get up every morning, go to work, and then have roughly 30% of their earnings sent to the federal government to be spent for the “good of the commonwealth”.  Part of what this means under the current administration is that military supplies get purchased and shipped off to Egypt.  For those who don’t follow current events, please understand that Egypt is in turmoil right now, with nobody being able to clearly say how the donated U.S. military aid is being used.  Riots, warring political factions and violent religious groups are causing havoc on a daily basis, with persecution of Christians being one of the few things that many of the folks there can agree on.  Recently, after admitting military aid was continuing to flow to Egypt despite the mass confusion and battles for control of the government, the current US administration then denied the aid was still flowing.  But then it denied it denied it.  Yeah…confusing huh?  I myself am confused on a lot of the details, but one thing I am clear on is that money comes from my paycheck, goes to a government sponsored by the Muslim Brotherhood who then hunts down Brothers and Sisters in Christ (not just in Egypt but other areas as well).  I think that this is probably what it all boils down to in the minds of most American Christians.  Against our will money is coming from our paychecks and being sent to Egypt where it is being received in the form of weapons by the Muslim Brotherhood, and those weapons are then being used to hunt,persecute and kill Christians (with Coptic Christians and churches usually being the chief target).  I’m quite sure I don’t have a full grasp of all the details, but I am equally sure I disapprove of it.

This is why professing Christians here in the US are angry.  We are funding terrorism and persecution against those we call friends and brothers.  I’m no different.  Along with most professing American Christians, I too find the current situation to be frustrating and infuriating.  Such senseless evil being sponsored by my country with my money is repulsive.  And I think most Americans who profess Christianity recoil at the truth of what is going on.

But there’s some irony in all of this.  What the American Christian deplores about the situation is that their money is forcibly taken from them in order to be used in fueling an evil agenda.  Murder is sin.  Murdering Christians is not only sin, but a deliberate attack on the people of God, and thus on God Himself.  But what do some of the same American Christians do willingly with their money when it isn’t removed forcibly from their paycheck?  The use of their money is one of the key ingredients of the American Christian’s anger, so let’s look at how they would spend it if they were allowed to keep it:

1)  Tithing – Most people in Protestant American Churches donate money weekly so that “the message can go forth”.  What message?  The vast majority of churches preach the Purpose-Driven message of fulfillment, adventure and life-betterment rather than the biblical message of sin, atonement, repentance and faith.  This is a bold accusation, I know.  But it’s true.  “Fulfill your purpose & follow your dreams” is what is now preached rather than “Repent and believe to become a slave of Christ”.  This support of an anti-biblical message (all done in the name of Christ) while telling people to “ask Jesus into their hearts” is deceptive, satanic and is aiding the enemy in his evil agenda.  Yet American Christians willingly donate millions every Sunday rather than take the time to examine their pastor’s message in light of Scripture and give an open ear to hearing what the godly critics have to say.

2)  Television – Almost all the programming on today’s cable channels is saturated with sensuality, violence, humanism, sensuality and sensuality.  Constantly.  Even the “good” programs like home improvement and history channels use every chance they get to promote ungodly people and lifestyles, and if they don’t, the advertisements will display it in living color.  Don’t try to justify it, you know it’s true as well as I do.  Why do I mention sensuality repeatedly?  Because television is completely saturated with it.  Almost every advertisement uses sensual images and almost all humor found on television is sensual as well.

3)  Self – For the sake of keeping this post short and to the point, I will simply submit the category of “self” as our third and final one.  The American Christian spends a LOT on self.  Entertainment, new clothes, vehicles and “stuff” all purchased not because it’s needed, but because it’s new.  I will let the reader draw the line in their own mind as to what are justifiable purchases and what is bought out of pride and greed, but if we are to be honest most of us will admit to crossing that line far, far too often.

Do you see the irony yet?  Those three categories above aren’t just poor spending choices, they’re sin!  We get angry because our earthly leaders spend our money on evil, but when we keep that money ourselves we do the same thing!  In fact, we may be guilty of the greater crime because those who profess to know Christ simultaneously profess to follow and obey Him, and yet we don’t.  It could be said that the US leaders carry out their actions because they are humanistic and do not follow Christ nor know Him (unless it’s the month before an election, they all seem to know Him then).  But we Christians are supposed to know better!  Yet we take our money and sin.  Not only sin, but in the case of funding the local church, many of us directly attack God in that we pay the paychecks for those who take God’s Word and twist it into a message that is all about man instead of God.  The modern message focuses on our needs, wants, purpose and dreams rather than those of God.  This coming Sunday, listen carefully to the sermon.  Is it about you, or is it about our crucified and risen Lord?  If you are paying for a preacher to preach for you and about you, you are funding the rebellion against God!  You are doing the same thing as the US government.  You are taking money out of your pocket and sending it to the enemy, all in the name of helping others and doing good deeds.

The aver-arching theme of the Bible is Christ.  The message of the Gospel is repentance and the forgiveness of sins in Jesus’ name.  You can verify both of my claims by carefully reading Luke chapter 24.  I sincerely hope our government stops sending my money to aid in the attacks against Christians.  It sickens and horrifies me.  But I also challenge you to examine your own spending, and your own church, to make sure you aren’t doing the same thing.

Think about it!

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3 Comments on “Ironic Christian Anger in Regards to Egypt”

  1. Richard Thomas Says:

    @ Alan. I’m not sure if by your statement you are poking the writer of this article as being a hypocrite or if your question is a true cry from your heart as to how you could better serve God with your finances. If the former, I applaud the reply in admitting their sin in not being always financially accountable in their giving. If the latter, the way you find out God’s way of giving and where to give is to read His word, Pray for His direction and then be obedient to the call.
    I am not a rich man but I am richer than 90% of the world but I still manage to blow my cash on “toys”. If I count amount I spend in Starbucks alone each month I could sponsor 2 children through World Vision or put that money towards supporting a missionary whose purpose is the spread God’s word.
    God help us all for our weak use of His strength and provision.

    Lord bless guys.


  2. Alan Says:

    So how do you spend your money?


    • ChurchSalt Says:

      The point of the article is to encourage you to examine both your donations to ministry and personal spending. As for myself, is my local church performing their biblical mandate in preaching Christ crucified and correctly handling the Scriptures? I believe it is, which is why I chose to join that particular church after a very long search. As for my personal finances, I prayerfully look at Scripture and try to make the best decisions I can day by day. I, like all of the redeemed, have no money. I am simply holding it for my Master that bought me. If you are suggesting that I dont always spend money in a Godly way, let me clear the air by saying…you’re right! I sin financially (and in many other ways too). But that doesn’t make it okay, and it doesn’t mean I stop trying, nor does it mean I stop encouraging others to do the same.


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