The Fictional Abortion Debate

Abortion – What side do you take? Is it actually murder or isn’t it?  To know, we must know when life begins.  Most people state that to know that we must look to science, and once the scientists weigh in, we can begin the debate and examine the morality involved.  The women need to weigh in as well, right?  It’s the women who have the majority of the burden during pregnancy (and often beyond) so their needs and views should be given strong consideration.  Also, what about cases of unwanted pregnancy involving a …. Okay – hold everything!

The history of this debate has all been a charade.  A fraud.  It’s all fiction and a complicated diversion to keep Christians occupied, sidetracked and diverted.  The truth is that everyone knows that abortion is murder and that murder is wrong.  Everyone.  Now, not everyone wants to admit it in public and be seen as a moral pauper, nor do most even want to admit it to themselves and face the red-hot fires of their own conscience.  So this knowledge is often hidden, buried, sedated with drugs, alcohol, political movements or just old-fashioned denial, but it’s in there.  And now, it’s starting to come out.

Earlier this year, Salon ran an article entitled “So What if Abortion Ends Life?” in which the author states that she absolutely agrees life begins conception, but the mother has the right to end that life because the mother’s desires are more important.  I’m not making this up!  Her view is that murder of a child is okay as long as the mother approves (click HERE to visit Salon and read this horrific article).  Does this shock you?  It shouldn’t!  Scripture tells us in Romans 1 that people know about God, but turn in rebellion.  This rebellion can be seen every time someone chooses an abortion.  Why?  Because the whole reason people get an abortion is because they don’t want a child, which means they know it’s a child, and so they must know that the “termination” is murder.  They know.  They know all about it.

But what about you, Christian?  Do you know that they know?  Is all your “evangelism” going into political activism or information campaigns about when life begins?  They already know!  They know when life begins, and that is the whole reason they are going to the clinic, to end that life!  Please understand that I’m not telling you to put down your pickets or voter registration cards and go home.  Instead, I would like to encourage you to go spread the message you were told to spread, and do it so our crucified Savior gets the glory He deserves!  We are to be preaching repentance and the forgiveness of sins in Jesus’ name (see Luke 24). We are to preach, from Scripture, who God is.  we are to proclaim His holiness and justice.  We are to preach about His law so people might acknowledge their sin and repent, and we are to teach of His love by pointing to the Cross and the atonement offered there.  Do you want to have a biblical worldview and evangelize for the glory of God?  Then stop thinking of the lost as simply under-educated or people with different views.  Million of Christians have spent countless hours engaged in the abortion debate instead of spending that time spreading the message they were told to spread, and the whole debate is a charade.  It’s fictional.  The lost aren’t in the dark regarding the Lord and His ways.  Every time you stop preaching Christ, He is robbed of the glory He deserves for the things He has done.  Get back to preaching the Glory of our Lord Jesus Christ and His work on the Cross and stop trying to educate people.  They know!  And they rebel!  Does your evangelism, activism, and worldview reflect that?  Think about it…


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