Sitting on HIS Throne

rebelAn article I saw this morning got me thinking about how common it is in these modern times for men to claim divine prerogative.  That is, they make decisions and laws that are to be made by God alone and then think nothing of it.  There is a point to my rambling thoughts regarding this rebellion, but first let me point you to a few recent instances where men have boldly moved God aside and taken His chair.

1)   According to Fox News, Pope Francis has made it official that Pope John Paul II will be declared a saint later this year.  So in the eyes of the Roman Catholic Church, the decision as to who is a saint and who isn’t a saint is made by the Pope.  This is completely contrary to Scripture which clearly states that saints are those who are righteous in the eyes of God, and are seen as such because of the blood of Christ (click HERE for some passages on the subject).  The Lord is the one who calls and makes a person a saint, yet we have one here on earth who has taken that job upon Himself.  The Pope has assumed The Throne.

2)   The United States Government (and many a European government) now regularly takes upon itself divine prerogative.  God has decreed murder is wrong.  The government has declared that murder is a legal right to be defended.  Somehow the murder of baby women is now called a “woman’s right to choose” and the murder of baby men is labeled as a “man’s right to pursue freedom and happiness”.  Unfortunately, the professing church has chosen the field of science to fight the fight, and made the battle about defining the moment a person becomes a person instead of accepting the Biblical position that the issue isn’t ignorance, but rather rebellion and sin.  As a side note, some of the more honest supporters of abortion plainly admit they know a fetus is a baby, and their answer is “So what?” – see article HERE.  To further illustrate how the government and its’ leaders are making decisions above their pay-grade, one needs to look no further than current US President Barak Obama.  He has regularly made statements illustrating his belief that he can over-ride decrees from God and instead impose his own viewpoints as the rule of law (for examples, research his positions on homosexuality, Christian education, religious speech, etc.)  If that isn’t enough, our leaders now believe they can affect climate change.  We hear that term so often we don’t usually stop to think about it, but we should.  Our government is convinced that through their decrees they can change the climate and weather of the entire world.  If that isn’t taking the place of God, I’m not sure what is!  The government has assumed The Throne.

3)   The theft of God’s authority isn’t limited to those in humanistic governments or other religions, either.  The vast majority of Pastors in todays evangelical church are doing the exact same thing.  Scripture tells us how we are to “do church” but the modern Pastor ignores the commands from the head of the body and instead assumes this authority on himself.  Scripture tells us that “no one seeks God, no not one” yet most churches are structured and run to be seeker-friendly.  Scripture instructs the pastor to study the Word and feed the sheep, yet modern Pastors teach that the sheep are to be self-feeders and “already know more than their level of obedience” and so do not need to go deeper in the Word.  Scripture tells Pastors to preach the Word, but week-after-week the sermons have very little to do with the passage read aloud at the start of the service.  Instead, passages are taken out of context and simply turned into a supporting point for whatever topic or view the Pastor wishes to promote that week.  The Bible says that the Church is the body of Christ, they are the gathering of those who are in Him, with unbelievers being distinct from the church.  But today it is with a note of pride that Pastors proclaim they “do church for the un-churched” and make elaborate efforts to fill their “churches” with unbelievers.  The Pastor has assumed The Throne.

These are but three examples of how man is replacing God as the top authority in our culture and churches.  All these things bring me to this question.  What about me?  What about you?  As our world goes further down this humanistic and rebellious road, where will you stop and say “I go no further, the Lord is my God”?  If you are a professing protestant, you have probably already dismissed the Popes claim of authority.  You are probably already uncomfortable with direction of the government, and have started asking yourself where it will end.  But let me ask you, what will you do when “Hate Speech” laws dictate who your pastor is and what he may preach?  Will you calmly accept government oversight, or will you risk arrest by meeting in secret so as to study the Word and worship in Spirit and Truth?  And if you are resolved to study the Word and remain true to your God in the face of the coming government oppression, do you have the same resolve in examining your church as it stands today?  Ask yourself if your pastor is preaching the Word, or go-get-em’-tiger motivational sermons.  Does he proclaim your guilt before God’s law and Christ’s rescue on the Cross?  In short is the church structured around what Scripture says or around a bunch of fine-sounding ideas that bring about growth?  Do not think your resolve for the Lord to be all that strong if after you frown at the government rebel all week you then hug and hand money to the church rebel on Sunday morning!

Where will you – where do you – draw the line?

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2 Comments on “Sitting on HIS Throne”

  1. SHARAT BABU Says:

    Thank you for the Blessed messages each time and is strengthening my soul and to share with our people in India, we have much idolatry here, please pray for INDIA. In Jesus Love, Evangelist Babu.


  2. ingrid lindmark Says:

    So far my Church is still a Bible preaching Church. The music has gone a little crazy, but when informed they have gone to far they will try to contain it.


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