Theology is Only for Pastors…Right?

It seems this is the belief that many modern professing Christians hold.  That Theology, the study and understanding of God, is for the brainiacs and the professionals, not the regular everyday Christian (or even the Sunday school teachers and deacons).  May I suggest that this view is why so many Christians have that “something is wrong” feeling.  Am I describing you?  Do you feel like there is something empty in your Christianity, that your religion is a mix of emotionalism and empty pop-psychology or motivational themes?  Does it seem to revolve around decisions made and songs sung, yet nobody you know is showing any Holiness in their daily life, including you?  Could it be that your understanding is somehow off?  Below is a clip from an interesting testimony by a man who faced this very thing:

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3 Comments on “Theology is Only for Pastors…Right?”

  1. ingrid lindmark Says:

    This video was so great. Thank you. I agree totaly about theology and doctrine . The most important think is to know the TRUTH. i love God’s Word so much. Music is wonderful but never takes the place of true teaching from God’s Word.


  2. Peculiar Says:

    Dear Bro,

    There is No Video.

    God Bless.


    • ChurchSalt Says:

      Oops! Not sure what happened there. Just fixed it (I think). THANK YOU for leaving a comment to alert me. No telling how long it would have been like that if you hadn’t.



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