Pop Quiz – The Power of Positive Preaching

testIt’s no secret that there are a whole lot of best-selling books out there written about the power of positive thinking.  Today’s quiz is this about the teaching found in one of them:  Who made this statement?

“Truly believing in the object of your desire and focusing onto it will lead to that object or goal being realized on the material plane”

1)   Joyce Meyers

2)   Kenneth Copeland

3)   Joel Osteen

4)   Steven Furtick

5)   None of the above

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Ready for the answer?  It’s actually a bit tricky.  Technically, the answer is number five.  The above quote is from Wallace Wattles in his book “The Science of Getting Rich” and his teachings find their origins in his Monastic Hindu beliefs.  Wallace (1860-1911) wasn’t a Christian, but was actually a pantheist.  He was a Socialist and a proponent of “new thought”, not unlike the new age movement on many levels.  That’s the technical answer to the quiz.

However…In all reality, the answer should be “all of the above”.  If you take just a few minutes to read up on one of the core eastern pantheist teachings called “The law of attraction” you will quickly realize that it is the exact same thing being taught as Christian doctrine by the authors named above, and many more as well.  The basics of the teaching is that “like attracts like”.  Positive thoughts, confessions and actions will bring about positive results in every area of life.  Now, to be clear, the pantheist will teach you that there is no one being that is God, but instead that God is in and around everything, including you.  Because of this, reality can be altered simply by projecting a positive thought or confession from within.  The so-called Christian authors above have simply changed the concept of having a piece of divine power in you that will accomplish your desires to instead having a faith in you that will make God accomplish your desires.  In other words, they simply grafted in a few Christian words or concepts so it would appear to be a Christian teaching.  It is then presented with a few Scripture verses pulled completely out of context so they could be made to agree with this eastern teaching.

Folks, when someone becomes a Christian they die to themselves.  They are no longer their own person, and will be actually willing to suffer & be killed if it is the desire of their Savior.  Great saints of old were tortured, sawn in two, beheaded, boiled and worse simply for calling Christ their Lord.  The true Christian is concerned with filling God’s desires more than God filling their desires.  The true Christian recognizes their own sin, and humbly begs salvation of christ and the cleansing of the Holy Spirit.  In the “Law of Attraction User’s guide” it states this:

“You have to feel good about yourself to attract what you want for yourself””

But in Isaiah chapter 64 we read:

“We are all infected and impure with sin. When we display our righteous deeds, they are nothing but filthy rags.”

Let me ask you this – Which one sounds like something Joel Osteen would say?  The writings of an Eastern Pantheist, or the writings of God?  If your local pastor is promoting ideas such as positive confession, the law of attraction, or the inward spark of the divine, start writing down the Scripture passages he is using and, when you get home, look at them in context.  Read several verses before and after the referenced material.  Keep in mind who wrote that particular book of the Bible, who it was to, and under what circumstances.  But be warned!  You will most likely see some serious problems.  Eastern pantheistic thought doesn’t hold up very well under the light of God’s Word.  The simple fact is that most of these speakers and authors are confident that you aren’t going to look up the passages in their material, and if you do, you won’t spend much time thinking about them.

Jesus Christ is Lord, we aren’t.

He has power in His words, unlike you and I.

He is Sovereign, not us.



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3 Comments on “Pop Quiz – The Power of Positive Preaching”

  1. www.awatchmanonthewall.blogspot.com Says:

    The twisting and tweeking of scripture is rampant in the church and christian media today. Here a little, there a little and soon the Word becomes prose for feel good messages without substance.

    Ingrid is blessed to have a church where truth is taught.


  2. ingrid lindmark Says:

    I have been so blessed since I came to know the Lord Jesus in March of 1984. God has led me to a church that has teaching only from the Bible.


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