Who is Teaching Your Kids What?

Below is a video that has been getting a lot of publicity lately.  In it, MSNBC host and commentator Melissa Harris-Perry makes some claims that, despite the pretty backdrop and charming music, are chilling.  She asserts that children do not belong to their parents, but rather are part of a “collective”, and the responsibility for their education falls on that collective.  She states “We have to break through this idea that kids belong to their parents, or kids belong to their families and recognize that kids belong to whole communities.”  I have no plans to address what type of education and standards she wants to instill in “the children of the collective” other than to say she is on the extremely liberal side of an extremely liberal and immoral society.  Her point here is that kids don’t belong to parents or families, and so shouldn’t be educated by them.  And people are listening to her.  Take a look at the video:

Right now, there are massive shifts in the government and society as a whole here in the United States.  One of the most fundamental and deepest impacting changes is in what our government feels they should be teaching future generations.  This isn’t a political blog, and I have no intention of diving into the plans and schemes of evil men (or women).  Nor am I going to sound a rallying cry so as to endorse a particular politician or denounce another one.  No, the only purpose for this short post is to point out a sad truth.  Right now, millions of Americans who profess Christianity spend absolutely zero time teaching their children the basics of the faith, or reading Scripture, or – well – anything!  Are you one of them?  There are others out there who desperately want to train your children to walk in the paths that they themselves have chosen.  Humanistic, immoral, godless paths.  They have already have the plans made up, and if your kids go to public school, they have already began to walk down these paths at the direction of their teachers.  If you aren’t aware of this, than perhaps you should review the material in the books and spend some time talking with your kids about what is taught each day.  Sometimes it is blatant, sometimes subtle, but secular humanism and ideas contrary to God’s Word are now in nearly every textbook.

The question before you now is this:  Are you as eager to teach your children as our now progressive government?  Do you explain to them God’s law, and their guilt?  Have you gone over Romans 3 with them, pointing out that they have no hope of “obeying enough”?  Have you explained that the Cross isn’t just a symbol, it was a death sentence where our Lord paid the fines due His people?  If you aren’t explaining the Gospel to your children, then either you don’t believe it yourself or you don’t love your kids.  What other option can there be?  Do you teach your children they should live as Christians (which is hopeless) or to beg God to change forgive & transform them and make them Christians.  What are you teaching them?  Anything?  The vast majority of parents in this country have willingly handed responsibility of education to the state, and teachings of religion to the 20-year-old youth leader at their local church.  Who taught him?  And what?

There are a lot of folks like Ms. Perry out there in the public education system who are well-funded and carry the authority of the federal government.  They desperately want to teach your kids to follow hard after their inward purpose (idolatry) and pleasure (sin) rather than God.  Why?  These are the things they have chosen.  It is what they believe and what they love.  Please realize, this MSNBC host isn’t alone, not by a long shot.  You may find it interesting that this particular woman has another line of work as her primary job.  She is a teacher.  She is a professor at Tulane University, the same university that  once had Dietrich Bonhoeffer on staff (how times change).  She is well-educated in Christian principles, and has even earned a Master of Divinity degree from Union Theological Seminary in New York.  She speaks pleasantly, carries herself professionally, seems to be well qualified and is probably a really nice person.  In other words, she is quite likely a lot like the teachers your kids have right now.  So if you think that the teachers your kids are currently sitting under (whether kindergarten or college) are harmless, you might want to think again.  There are indeed good moral Christian teachers out there, but there are also a lot of folks like Melissa Harris-Perry as well.  They want to teach their “truth” to your child, and they are very enthusiastic in their plans.  Are you as enthusiastic to teach your children the true truths of Scripture?

Better get started!

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5 Comments on “Who is Teaching Your Kids What?”

  1. The Master's Slave Says:

    They will be assimilated…resistance is futile. Sound familiar? Thankfully we homeschool our children and can control what is taught, otherwise the school system and it relentless ways would win them over for sure.


    • ChurchSalt Says:

      It’s going downhill so quickly now that people think many of the things they hear rumors about simply couldn’t be true. But so often they are! And yet, God is sovereign over all…


      • The Master's Slave Says:

        Yeah, it’s here, isn’t it? But that persecution sure came quickly. I thought we had at least 10 years, but the mighty flood of Satan’s wrath is here with a vengeance. Do you rail against homosexuality? Do you rebuke the gov’t? Do you call a spade a spade all in the name of Christ? Look out…it’s only a matter of time. Maybe you and your family should move to Canada. At least we’re not where America is YET…


        • ChurchSalt Says:

          My friend, it wasn’t that long ago when you yourself were warning us that soon we in the U.S. would lose our freedoms to the extent Canada has. In those few short years, we have surpassed Canada, and the momentum is going strong now. Too bad it’s downhill!
          As Christians, we must remember to which kingdom we owe our highest allegiance, and also that all these things are decreed or allowed by an omnipotent God.


          • The Master's Slave Says:

            It seems like the States are becoming a lot harsher with everything…or a lot more in your face. Canada is more sneaky. You don’t see it happening here but it is. It just seems like we have more time to live in relative peace whereas where you live right now, it seems like all hell is breaking loose. It’s like a dam has broken. Our prayers are with you and your family my dear friend.


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