Beth Moore Update – Cause for More Concern

megaphone2On this blog, I have more than once addressed my concerns with some of the recent teachings of Beth Moore (see links to previous posts below).  She has repeatedly shown she doesn’t understand the doctrine of the Roman Catholic church and portrays them as Christian, as well as continuing to embrace & teach the mystic practices of monks (contemplative prayer).  While those issue are not minor, the biggest concern I have with her teaching is the origins of them.  She has gone from being to a dedicated Bible teacher, taking all her teachings from the written Word, to now using the written Word and her own conversations with God as her source material.  She now hears from God, inscribes what she hears, and delivers it to mankind.

Every time I have raised my concerns in the past, I have been soundly criticized for it.  Her defenders state that just because she teaches from her conversations with God, doesn’t mean that she claims to be a Prophetess (of  the “thus saith the Lord” variety) or that she is authoring new portions of Scripture.  But the fact remains, while she may shun the title of prophetess or biblical author, that is exactly what she is claiming to be!  Below is a quote, a portion taken from a teaching video where she explains one of her new directives from God concerning a teaching she is to deliver to all people:

“What God began to say to me about five years ago, and I’m telling you it sent me on such a trek with Him, that my head is still whirling over it. He began to say to me, ”I’m gonna tell you something right now, Beth, and boy you write this one down, and you say it as often as I give you utterance to say it: ‘My Bride is paralyzed by unbelief. My Bride is paralyzed by unbelief.’” And He said, “Starting with you.”

In another teaching, Beth says this:

“You know what He told me not too long ago? I told you when I first began this whole concept, He first started teaching it to me about five years ago, and He said these words to me: “Baby, you have not even begun to believe Me. You haven’t even begun!” You know what He said just a few days ago? “Honey, just want you to know we’re just beginning.”

Oh, glory! That meant I had begun. Hallelujah! But He was telling me, “When this ends, we ain’t done with this. Honey, this is what we do for the rest of your life.” And He says those words to me over and over again: “Believe Me. Believe Me. And I hope [God hopes?] it’s starting to ring in your ears, over and over again, Believe Me.”

Please notice – Beth is indeed claiming to have audible conversations with God, and that these conversations are the source of her teachings.  Beth’s supporters can defend her, claiming she doesn’t elevate her teachings as to be directly from God in the same manner as biblical authors or the prophets of old, but as you can see, she herself is making those assertions. That’s a problem!  A big one!!  She is teaching folks new lessons regarding our faith, but the New Testament tells us that the teachings of our faith have already been “once for all delivered” and that we are not to change or erase even the smallest part. 

I must ask, is it wise to pay heed to someone making the claim to be a conveyor of direct message from God, someone assuming the role of prophet to the nations?   Those who are wise would do well to give no weight to such teachings whether they come from a popular teacher like Beth, or a local pastor who comes across as spirit-filled, devout and true.  Please understand, I am not denouncing Beth personally or questioning her intentions.  I am not in any way “attacking” her.  The simple fact is that she is in the “public square” making these claims, and so the warnings regarding these claims must also be made in the public square.  I truly hope someone close to Beth pulls her aside and calls her to examine her methods, practices and beliefs.  Do you, dear reader, know her personally?  Do you have the courage to approach her?  If you do know her, I encourage you to call on her to repent and go back to teaching women’s classes straight from Scripture, abandoning the role of prophetess (as well as mystic).

One more thing… I find it odd that there isn’t all that much attention or outcry over the claims she makes.  It seems that it has become commonplace in modern Christianity to hear teachers teaching out of their personal revelation and experiences, then asserting that these teachings are new directives from God.  I have come to believe most professing Christians don’t even question the practice anymore, and for the most part, accept these teachings as credible and authoritative.  What happened to the Bereans?  What happened to reverence, hunger and fierce loyalty to the Word of God?  People accept the claims of Beth Moore and tell others without blinking an eye, even when they contradict Scripture.  I find this to be an incredibly disturbing indicative regarding the state of today’s Christianity.


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Quotes from Beth Moore taken from the “Believing God” DVD series sold at Lifeway Book Stores (click HERE)



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11 Comments on “Beth Moore Update – Cause for More Concern”

  1. Eliza Says:

    This practice of having the Holy Spirit speak to a person about their teaching certainly is a gate way into grave and deadly error. I recently exhorted a woman who denied that Paul’s epistles are part of the New Testament canon and are Scripture. She backed up what she said by referring to the Holy Spirit speaking to her and reassuring her that she was not sinning and what she was writing was “good fruit”. Beth Moore is setting an ungodly example for naive women and/or men to follow. This obviously is not of the Holy Spirit, but is from the deceiver. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there were those who could warn her and if she listened and repented? Often times the deceit is too deep and keeps one locked in this delirium of experience. God bless you:)

    This link is pertinent:)


  2. Robin Bird Says:

    Hi Jeanne, I’ve been following some of the popular Christian teachers. Just thought you might want to read this.


  3. Says:

    Keki – Since neither a face to face conversation, as it was for our LORD, or phone call is an option to contact Beth Moore – How would you suggest one ‘engage Beth Moore in a conversation’ or ‘directly or sincerely confront the person’?


  4. Says:

    I have concerns with God calling her Baby, Honey…. we are talking about GOD and I doubt He is that worldly in His addressing His wayward children.

    This is what the LORD Almighty says: “Do not listen to what the prophets are prophesying to you; they fill you with false hopes. They speak visions from their own minds, not from the mouth of the LORD. Jeremiah 23:16

    We must guard closely our hearts and our minds. As good Bereans, check everything out to see if it lline up with scripture, if not…..


    • Robert E. Schoenle Says:

      There is so much that is wrong and not biblical with what she is saying and teaching here that it isn’t even funny. I also picked up on the ‘baby’ and ‘honey’ nonsense and thought how foolish of her to say and write this. At this time she is simply another false teacher who has been deceived and is deceiving the many who trust her (Mt. 7:15-20).


  5. Keki Says:

    Have you raised your concerns directly to Beth Moore? Perhaps by seeking to engage in a conversation with the person, you can gain a clearer understanding of her meaning. Often, our perception of matters can be skewed, even in our righteousness. That goes both ways. No disrespect intended.

    I found your post interesting. My mind immediately reflected on several Scriptures. I thought about where the Bible speaks on finding fault, approaching one caught in sin, rescuing others, showing mercy, praying for those who may be contaminated by sin, admonishing just as Christ did. So many things. I guess it baffles me why Christians criticize without seeming to directly or sincerely confront the person or persons. Didn’t Jesus do this?

    I have a lot of questions. May I begin by asking a sincere series of questions regarding the Holy Spirit? Can His influence facilitate Word-based conversation? An internal dialogue of sorts? Are there examples of this in the Bible? I myself, like the Bereans, will search the Scriptures diligently to see if it is so.

    May God bless all true seekers, and may we never cease praying for one another. May the Lord teach us not to forsake each other but rather to love our neighbor as self. God bless us to learn of and follow after the Christ, Truth Himself. Amen.


    • ChurchSalt Says:

      Hi Keki,
      Personally reaching speakers and teachers who are of “super-star” status isn’t something that can be done. If someone is to confront her, it must be someone who is allowed in her social/ministerial circle and who has influence with Beth so as to be heard. Please let me clarify again what this post is and what it isn’t. This is not a criticism of personal nature, it is a calling of attention to those teachings she is presenting to the public, and doing so publicly. It is a call for discernment for folks who listen to Beth, and follow her teachings. Simply sitting by quietly while she pushes heretical and unbiblical methods and messages is an extremely unloving thing to do. I shudder to think of the trouble caused by those who are searching for (and listening to) what they hope is God’s clear audible voice. And what kind of ungodly influences have been allowed onto the lives of believers as they experiment with mystic practices of contemplative prayer? How many people have been profoundly confused as to what the gospel message really is after Beth Moore promotes the Roman Catholic tradition as being part of the true faith? People are being hurt out there, Keki! I hope a thousand more websites sprout up warning people of these practices! We are told by the Apostel Paul to contend for sound doctrine, it isn’t unloving, critical, or negative to do so. Just the opposite.
      Thanks for stopping by!



  6. Robert E. Schoenle Says:

    Congratulations for a great article. One of the toughest things to do in this age of apostasy is to expose biblical error and false teachers with their false teachings. This is simply Bible prophecy being fulfilled before our eyes!


  7. Will Campbell Says:

    The old Catholic Church is not the way, only JESUS is the way. If you pray through Mary or expect your priest to forgive you of sins you are no closer to getting to heaven than a monk.


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