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Dangerous Places – 5

February 21, 2013


Do you like detective stories?  Stories filled with suspense and danger?  It might be nice to read one, but to actually live in danger isn’t the best idea!  However, if you liked such stories, pull up a chair and listen to mine… My sin is missing!  I used to have sin in my life, but […]

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I, Slave – New Sermon Available!

February 18, 2013


We are all slaves.  Does this sound odd to you?  In Romans 6:15-19 our Lord teaches us this very thing.  We are slaves to the sins we choose to obey.  Because of the nature of substance abuse, many struggling with addictions know this better than others, but that doesn’t mean this passage applies only to […]

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The God of the right is the God of the Left

February 15, 2013


No, I am not referring to politics.  I’m not even referring to “liberal” or “conservative” preachers and teachers within the professing church.  I am referring to the Bible.  And what I am talking about, or who actually, is Jesus.  Jesus isn’t found just on the right side of your Bible (the New Testament), He is […]

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Beth Moore Update – Cause for More Concern

February 6, 2013


On this blog, I have more than once addressed my concerns with some of the recent teachings of Beth Moore (see links to previous posts below).  She has repeatedly shown she doesn’t understand the doctrine of the Roman Catholic church and portrays them as Christian, as well as continuing to embrace & teach the mystic […]

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