Do You REALLY Have a Christian Worldview?

Blessed is the man Who walks not in the counsel of the ungodly…

Psalms 1:1

Here is a quick test to examine how biblical your worldview is (or isn’t).  This is by no means a tool for exhaustive research, it is merely a small springboard from which you may choose to leap into deeper waters of self-inspection if you desire.  The above passage seems pretty clear – It is unwise to take counsel, advice or guidance from the ungodly.  Who are the ungodly?  It should go without saying that they are those who cling not to Christ for salvation, do not acknowledge Him in all their ways, and do not meditate upon His Word, striving to obey it out of belief and trust.  I think few soundly saved Christians would argue with this definition of the adjective “ungodly”.  So now that we know we are not to seek guidance from the ungodly, and who the ungodly are, let me ask you:

1 – Why are your finances structured the way they are?  Were you directed by an employer or professional advisor?  Is your 401k set up the way it is because you spent time in prayer seeking God’s direction for all money in your care, or because a book recommended it?  Are your financial goals biblical and Christ-centered (perhaps aimed at growth to fuel evangelism or discipleship) or are they traditional and man-centered (perhaps aimed at obtaining a comfortable retirement)?  Where did your view of money come from, Scripture or the counsel of the unsaved (ungodly)?

2 – How do you make decisions when educating your children?  Do you listen to the teachers and university advisors on the best paths for modern education, or do you scour Scripture to understand the priorities our Lord has laid out?  Have you spent as much time in prayer as you have spent online researching schools and curriculum?  Where did you get your view of basic and higher education, from Scripture and godly men, or from the counselors of the world (the ungodly)?

3 – How’s the marriage going?  When faced with friction, fights and frustration, do you turn to Scripture (there is a LOT in there on this) and godly older believers who have faced these challenges for decades before you?  Or do you turn to friends at work or the golf course who will listen and sympathize with your complaints, and in turn offer their advice?  Where did you get your idea of what marriage is supposed to be like in the first place?  Hollywood?  Romance novels?  Disney stories, Oprah, or adventure movies?  Do you even know what a marriage is supposed to look like according to the one who invented it?  Who is your teacher and advisor on this subject, God and His people, or the ungodly?

Like I said, there are many, many more questions that could be asked concerning every facet of life.   Who are your advisors?  Do they give you godly advice taken from Scripture and forged in the ovens of experience and prayer, or are they unbelievers with a man-centered worldview?  How does this advice from the ungodly affect your worldview?  These advisors don’t just influence your worldview, they actually create much of it.  So with the ungodly man being the engineer and architect of your worldview, can you really say it is biblical?

The point of this short post is to simply challenge you who profess to have a biblical worldview…do you really?  If not, what does that say about how highly you value Scripture, and the importance you place on obedience to your Lord?  Think about it!

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4 Comments on “Do You REALLY Have a Christian Worldview?”

  1. Says:

    The older I get, the more narrow my worldview becomes. The more I see the state of the world and grieve for the lost – the more my own sinfulness becomes evident. Recognizing that I was once where these lost souls are makes me grateful for His love and forgiveness and more determined to pray for the lost among us, beginning in my own family, extending to my neighbors then around the world.

    As His remnant, we have much for which to be thankful and to whom much is given, much shall be required.


  2. Michael Snow Says:

    I saw your comment on “Amusing Ourselves to Death” This may be of interest:
    If you would care to review Love, Prayer, and Forgiveness: When Basics Become Heresies, I would be glad to to send you the pdf.


  3. Michael Snow Says:

    We need to keep testing our world view and asking what is shaping it. I saw your like on ‘like’ on “Amusing Ourselves to Death”…this may also be of interest:

    I did not see a contact link. If you would care to review Love, Prayer, and Forgiveness: When Basics Become Heresies, I would be glad to send the pdf.


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