Church of Tares

Do you watch television several hours a week?  How about giving up just two of those & instead watch something that will educate you as to the truth of the modern church in America and the West.  I strongly encourage you to watch this with an open mind, prayerful heart, and (of course) a Bible so you can easily look up the references to see if these things are so.

If you are currently attending a Church that focuses on being “relevant”, I cannot stress enough the spiritual danger you might be embracing.  Not because they are trying to reach people with the Gospel, but because there is a very high possibility they are reaching people (and you) with a changed gospel.  Another gospel.  Please take the time to pray and study the Scriptures so that you might know for certain as to whether or not you and your children are being fed God’s truth as opposed to a psychology based morality movement. 

The one thing missing from this video is a plain proclamation of the true, biblical Gospel as proclaimed by Jesus, Paul, John and all of Scripture.  But before I tell you of the rescue (which is the good news of the Gospel) you must know the bad news, and why all men are in need of rescue.  All men have sinned and broken God’s laws (these are laid out in summary form in the Ten Commandments).  We have all lied, hated, and lusted.  Every one of us has indulged in gossip, wicked fantasies and idolatry.  Because of our guilt, obeying the laws of God now will in no way absolve us of our existing guilt.  Why?  Because God is a just judge, and so a punishment must be handed down.  If no punishment is given, justice would not be upheld.  Because of this situation, we are all guilty and hopelessly headed for eternal torment.  But here is the good news!  God stepped in and sent His only Son to be tortured and killed on the Cross, paying our punishment.  Repenting of our sins (repenting is a change of mind regarding sin, a turning from our own passions) and clinging to Christ alone, trusting that His work alone is what makes us right with God, we are then made in right-standing with in the courts of the almighty.  Upon Him is our sin laid and we inherit the righteousness of Christ.  We are saved through faith in Christ alone (not our own efforts… that is why it is called “good news”!!)  Christ proved to all His true identity and that His sacrifice was acceptable by rising from the dead.  That is the gospel!  It is the good news that helpless and wicked men have a savior who has done the unimaginable in order to save His people!

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One Comment on “Church of Tares”

  1. thejunglemissionary Says:

    Thanks for sharing this video. I have posted it to my Facebook page as well. Many people need to see this video.


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