The Terrifying Irony of the American Christmas

giftHow ironic it is to drive around town this time of year.  Everywhere I go I see Christmas lights, decorations, plays, parades, etc.  It seems the majority of American citizens still celebrate this holiday that proclaims the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ.  But…most of these same people either flatly reject the claims of Christ in the Bible, or ignore His Word and create for themselves a “Jesus” of their own liking, one who pardons their continued and passionate pursuit of their favorite sins.  So I wonder…why do these people celebrate Christmas?  Do they not see the terrifying irony that they are celebrating the birth of the one they reject? Do they not know that this same Jesus they minimalize and ignore will be one day be their judge?  Do they not understand that every moment held in Christmas celebration will be held up as a witness before them on the day of judgement, testifying that they did indeed know of the savior’s coming, but chose to rebel and reject rather than to humble themselves and embrace Him as Master?  That they knew He came, but never bothered to read the truth of His mission?

I have never heard of a condemned criminal on death row celebrating the birthday of the man who is scheduled to carry out his execution, and yet every year we are surrounded by folks doing this very thing.  It is ironically terrifying!  If they would but turn and repent of their sins, crying out to the Lord in humility that Christ’s death on the Cross might be accounted as payment for their sins, putting all their trust in Christ that He would indeed put His righteousness toward their account, they would be saved.  But most who celebrate this Christmas will never do such a thing.  They wish to enjoy the festivity and merriment while retaining lordship and mastery of their own lives.  They will reject slavery to Christ thinking that they are choosing freedom, not recognizing that they are currently living as slaves to sin, and already stand condemned.  They have no freedom, judgement & eternal damnation looms ahead…and yet they celebrate the birth of the judge.  This is the ironic, terrifying and sad truth of the American Christmas.

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6 Comments on “The Terrifying Irony of the American Christmas”

  1. Dr. Joseph D'Angelo Says:

    Very well written and so very true.
    God Bless your wisdom in the Spirit of Christ Jesus.


  2. tracidanker Says:

    Reblogged this on tracidanker's blog and commented:
    How ironically true.


  3. The Master's Slave Says:

    Nice post…it’s a time for selfishness, greed and getting. This appeals to the very heart of man. It’s marketable and it’s sexy. If man had his eyes opened to the cold reality of what Mary and Joseph went through to have Jesus born, raised and protected as a Mom and Dad desires to do. As we all desire for our children. Imagine being the parents of Jesus? Talk about a burden…We all have a burden though. To raise our children as Jesus and not to allow the wolves to get them. A tremendous burden indeed.


    • ChurchSalt Says:

      I feel like an insect already when I sin in front of my children, think of how Mary and Joseph felt messing up in front of Jesus!


      • The Master's Slave Says:

        The ultimate hypocrite, eh? You tell them to behave a certain way and a minute later you do the very exact thing you just disciplined them over. Yeesh…


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