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What is God Like? New MP3 Sermon!

December 17, 2012


With so many books, sermons and songs calling people to “come to God” or telling us we should “live for God”, you would think there would be a lot of teaching about exactly what God is like.  But there isn’t.  His attributes, or characteristics, are very rarely discussed.  Don’t you think it would be a […]

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Church of Tares

December 10, 2012

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Do you watch television several hours a week?  How about giving up just two of those & instead watch something that will educate you as to the truth of the modern church in America and the West.  I strongly encourage you to watch this with an open mind, prayerful heart, and (of course) a Bible so you can […]

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The Terrifying Irony of the American Christmas

December 3, 2012


How ironic it is to drive around town this time of year.  Everywhere I go I see Christmas lights, decorations, plays, parades, etc.  It seems the majority of American citizens still celebrate this holiday that proclaims the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ.  But…most of these same people either flatly reject the claims of Christ in […]

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